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MovieWorld's Panel & Q&A 2023

Posted Jul 10, 2023 | Views 16.3K
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Event Organiser @ Roblox

I am an Event Organiser for Roblox, and a developer that's experienced in many programming languages. I am known for my games such as MovieWorld and TM123 Studios.

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I am an Event Organiser for Roblox, and a developer that's experienced in many programming languages. I am known for my games such as MovieWorld and TM123 Studios.

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Join the developer team at MovieWorld Roblox, as they discuss upcoming attractions and rides and allow fans an opportunity to ask the developers any questions they have about the future of the game.

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hello everyone and welcome to this sort

of mini panel and Q a for movie bugs so

people that don't know me I am the

feeder I run the theme park

and the familiar thing is sort of a

follow-on from everything that happened

at rapper yesterday

so today I'm going to go over everything

I went back through yesterday at rapper


going to more detail because we were

quite short on time yesterday

first off I'm going to go over

everything that's happened the last few

months so when the game first opened we

did the massive ground opening

the witch hundreds of you came I think

we have about 400 people arise and it

was really big

so I've wanted to explain myself so

thank you to everyone

and next we get the Easter scramble


and within this I think you could

collect different Easter eggs around the

map and the whole map of themed just for


tons of you enjoyed that we've got a

massive amount of feedback from all of

you and we're certainly looking at ways

to improve the

social feeling for next year

and then roughly our biggest update was

a couple days ago and we introduced a

brand new Dynamite Bay which is huge

compared to what it was originally and

we also opened up our newest rides

called crate crashes

and remove this

we have a whole new Western sort of

theme for people to enjoy and sort of it

changes the whole feeling of the game

because it just makes it way bigger

so moving on

we are going to go over the the future

timeline for movieworks

so in the next couple sorts of images

I'm going to show you everything that

we're hoping to bring this year and this

timeline doesn't include everything

it will definitely

have a main part of it but lots of it

will also not be here because it's sort

of a surprise for everyone


I'm going to cover fix things which are

going to be coming to Movie World in the

next year and a bit

so the first thing will be our growing

Lantern roller coaster and this will be

a roller coaster which anyone can enjoy

it'll be an indoor roller coaster

and it will be a unique rollercoaster

it will be one which you haven't done

before it's a new style

um it uses all the new technology which

Lucy Wells currently uses so for example

the crater crashes now have moving

restraint balls it has

loads of new things added to it so all

of that would be in this new ride and I

hope everyone really enjoys it once it

comes out this will be coming probably

late to August

it might be a little bit after but we're

hoping it will be at the end of August

so moving on

in October saw our Halloween event we

will be doing a Halloween event called

screen night and it will introduce lots

of different Halloween mazes which I

won't spoil many yet

and beetroduce will be opening for that


and within that it's going to have a



feeling so Beatrix is going to be open

for Halloween it would be a permanent

attraction which anyone can rise at any

time of the year


this will be coming early October and

after October all the Halloween rides

will go apart from Beach widgets

moving on we are going to be doing a

Christmas event this year

within this we're going to be

introducing the movie World White

Christmas which is a Christmas theme

event in which you'll be able to collect

presents around the map you'll be able

to sort of

celebrate the Christmas theme in which

anyone can enjoy

and we're also going to be adding and

available which anyone will be able to

you hire

demanding future we're hoping to add

many events in there which people can

use if they want to host a conference or

for example we might be hosting many

conventions in there for upcoming


and lastly for this update we're going

to introduce new job roles which people

can use

So currently we have rig operator and

delivering crates around the map

and what we're going to do for this

overhaul is ADD gas stations and tour

guides into the game

and this would be quite a big feature

for movie world because

unlike all the other sort of

features and jobs if one people will be

hired for and then people will be able


also enjoy the gaming feel much more of

parts of it compared to

other aspects in the park

and I can't wait to show all of you that

we have so many features planned for it

so moving on to the next feature

next we are going to be open the

Instagram tour in early 2024.

and within this we are going to be

adding a new unique right so you'll be

able to tour around the

area and you'll be able to experience

the ride

axles go through different scenes which

we have around movies it's all the

themed tour of movie world and loads of

other games and sort of Studio games so

it could be added into it

and unlike all the other rides it would

be quite a long ride with a full guided

tour around it

so we have voice accessories going

through as if you're being told on it

this ride will be about seven the weight

minute which compared to all roller

coasters which are about tubing it took

really long


but we're certainly most excited for

this to come out and yeah we can't wait

to show you that

so what was our Mage rides which we

can't wait to open will be our Coast

Ventura boat tour

and this will be opening probably late

December 2022.


within there it will be a tall room

which you're in a boat and you can

explore the different sets and all these

would be based in coast city which is in

things lots of different

movies and

it's sort of a nice slap walks right

which people can enjoy but there may be

a wicked twist which happens once you're

on the right but I won't spoil too much

a little bit to the

really sunrise was opened

so our last major upcoming events will


the addition of a new Hotel and Water


and this would be called Volcano Bay

and within volcano Cove we are going to

be adding

water slides and a hotel

a volcano and it'd be pretty much all of

the sun Park from

walks apart for people to explore but

this will be built within Knoxville big

theme parks

and people will be able to

enjoy this new movie world and you'll be

able to excel reports of a different

theme parks with linger

I think volcano Cove you can book hotel

rooms using the in-game currency or you

can just explore the water park and have

fun on the different rides the water

slides and pretty much all the little

Parts within it and it would be a huge

addition to move wealth and we can't

wait to show all of you

so covering everything I have just gone

over we have talked about the glowing

Lantern which would be in indoor roller

coaster we have white Christmas which

within that the event called and job

overhaul all be happening

and ghost adventure will be opening

which is a

sort of ningy

tour ride on the boat

which will be in Halloween

will be a

tool which will go through different

movie sets based on movie world

and the final Edition for all of this

will be volcano Cove


from the Q a we did yesterday

and I want to take this time now if

anyone has any questions or is

interested to know anything about Movie

World feel free to ask any questions in

the chat and I will have the answer


quite some of the questions I can see

coming through is

full gas station and tour guides we will

be hiring these in different servers

so some of them will be in our community

service but we're looking at ways where

you can apply in-game instead of having

to join different social media platforms

everything will be done in game and

we'll be able to hire different people

through there they'll be training and

we'll sort of try and cover everything

within it


and yeah

so I can say another question and it's

asking about spring months so this is a

sort of event will be

um any sort of


for people to explore and


sort of it would be okay event for some

parts of it but it will also be a fun

time for people to enjoy sort of a

Halloween theme

all through October and

yeah it would be quite a good sort of

right to

have different people enjoy

so another question where I can see and

it could be one more bedroom Adventure


so it's right we have

been making

it will be opening possibly this year

but we haven't guaranteed anything for

the public yet

um but it is definitely coming

and progress is going really well on it

um yeah I don't have a set date for it

yet I'm afraid but it is definitely

coming and it's definitely worth the


so yeah that is sort of it

um we're going to be going over sort of

many different

events and Rise upcoming in the future

and we can't wait for all of you to see



oh that's another question so

when we're adding different jobs we will

be sort of keeping destination tour

guide operators and the creative living

room but we're hoping

to add more

sort of

interactive Parts into the game so we're

looking at making

the ryga Prague job more fun so for

example ride breakdowns is a possibility

and we're looking at lots of different

ways to make game more engaging for

people to come and enjoy anyway

so yeah that's it for that question

um another question coming through is is

anything stopping the progress to the


and the answer to that question is

nothing massive is stopping the progress

currently but one

sort of major issue we have at the

moment is trying to balance development

and sort of College University and that

aspect of sort of mine and pack of Life

at the moment

so we're trying to update the game as

often as possible and try and balance

everything outside of that as well but

at the moment we're all the old summer

break so they'll definitely be way more

updates and

and way more features coming up to the


so that's all the questions I can see

nature there's another one

um he's the meeting groups in the future

with characters

so this is a mashably asked question we

have had quite a lot

and we are hoping to have meeting groups

adding into the game

um we're looking at doing a

sort of superhero and super villain mini

event where you can meet different

characters throughout the easy world and

you can take photos with them and be

able to sort of have more memories built

within the park

and of course any photos we will try and

add them into our sort of memory room

which is growing massive now

and yeah it is

something we've heard lots of feedback

based on Dr looking at the best way to

do it currently

at the old queue

the sort of making part more interactive

we're looking at new ways so the tour

guide will be massive because we're

looking at instead of just people

walking around the park what can we make

more interactive so we're looking at

maybe people can drive vehicles around

the map which control people around

because Toba and looking at more

interactive ways for that part

oh I'm gonna

and the characters were looking at

meeting will be sort of Western Cowboys

based on that we've got the dark city so

that'll be meeting people such a Batman


photo of the regular The Joker we've got

all the main characters in that area

and then we have

the short tools

Super Mag theme and we've got lots of

different characters being aggied into

it but all of them will be sort of

unique QR games sort of stand out from

other ones anyway

yeah sort of it will be a major part

added into our game but we just need to

look at the good way to do it and to

make sure that people can definitely

enjoy the updates that will be coming

and just sort of making it quite

interactive but in a good way

cool I think exactly

so I hope there's just one more

so people are wondering about are we

going to do sort of interactive

for the zinc within our new events

things when

developers from all over the platform

in the game

and we're looking at hosting sort of

events for turkey

groups and things like that and

thoughtful way to bring more people into

the game

and yeah and sort of a good way to

interact with the game much more and

take it much more fun for people to

come and enjoy

so I think that is all the questions

coming through

so I think that's going to be the end of

the event here

so I wanted to thank everyone for

listening to the sort of thing about

anything else and if you're guessing

that you'd be doing more things in the

future so thank you everyone for coming

and I'll see you all later

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