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TPR Informer Panel | PEC24 FanFest

Posted Apr 06, 2024 | Views 3.9K
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Event Organiser @ Roblox

I am an Event Organiser for Roblox, and a developer that's experienced in many programming languages. I am known for my games such as MovieWorld and TM123 Studios.

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I am an Event Organiser for Roblox, and a developer that's experienced in many programming languages. I am known for my games such as MovieWorld and TM123 Studios.

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Director @ Park Expo Collective
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Director @ Park Expo Collective
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hello everybody and welcome to the tpr

Informer panel for

2024 and welcome to PEC 24 FanFest

exhibition uh we are so happy to have

y'all here at this new event celebrating

uh this new group um and this new stage

and chapter uh for tpr

forer um my name is Disney diamond 15

and and I am the owner and creator of

Tarn former and the co-owner of peek and

sitting here on my left we have Cedar

who is the event organizer for peek and

uh he is the co-owner for team TBM and

movie world and um sitting on your right

um is Panda who is also a co-owner of

Team TB M and movie world and the

director of

peek um we are so happy to have y'all

here at this event like I was saying

before and uh we can't wait to uh get

going with

y'all so first off again I just want to

say welcome back um i' I've had a lot of

uh people welcoming back um in such a

loving way and I definitely appreciate

it I'm so happy to be back in this

community and making content for you

yall and working with such great people

as I have here on on this stage uh to

bring yall some great content and great

gameplay and next up uh we're gon we're

going to do a little bit of a change of

Gears uh on the channel uh from here on

out uh compared to what we were talking

about in January with the channel so to

get right into it the original plan for

the tpr Informer Channel moving forward

was to do one video at every two weeks

and that could be a variety of content

whether it was news whether it was

gameplay whether it was a game show type

type show whether it was a

ranking that's what we were going to be

dealing with um and we were going to be

doing sporadic new shows just when they

were needed and occasional short form


news however we're going to be Switching

gears uh to something a little new but

also we're bringing it back to basics so

at tpr inform former obviously number

one we want to inform you about the

relocks uh theme park community and uh

to do that best I think it's best to do

uh make the focus of the channel news um

and for my schedule personally um this

works best doing one video a month that

way I can put full effort into that one

video get it out to you each month and

also from a news perspective um it's

easier for us to summarize an entire

month of news content that way um by the

end of the month you can just get your

entire recap for the whole month and be


updated also we're bringing back a fan

favorite attraction

reaction um the support for that show

was amazing when we ran it to years ago

so I thought it was only fitting to

bring it back um again uh attraction

reaction is based the idea of news and

Reporting the news of Roblox theme parks

and that's what we're going to continue

to do with the show but it's going to

look a little different before

attraction reaction was sort of a weekly

or monthly show where we broke down like

three or four attractions uh maybe five

or six depending on the week or the

month um this new attraction reaction we

specifically just be covering one to two

attractions whenever we had the episodes

mainly most likely one whenever there's

big releases we might not cover every

attraction and attraction reaction but

just what attractions um I'm interested

in sharing with you all and what

attractions um uh I have time to do so

once again that's going to be sporadic

episodes of that basically whenever

there's a new attraction um and I have

time to do it and I want to show it off

to y'all I will do it but there's not

going to be a set schedule for that um

and going back to the this month inpr

News videos uh those videos will be uh

toward uh the end of the month they will

be taking place in the last week of


month and to make sure you guys aren't

void of content until the end of the

month uh I would be uh aiming to release

an attraction reaction episode sometime


week moving on uh to something I'm

really excited about it's our

Partnerships uh Partnerships are vital

uh to the tpr and former brand and it's

vital to combine content with video and

gameplay like the event that you're at

currently how do we do that though well

we continue Partnerships with Team TBM

TBR Informer and team TBM have teamed up

to put on uh the event that you're at

today as well as uh working together uh

to create the new group Park Expo

Collective and uh Team TBM has done some

great work um at movie world and um

they're bringing that great uh work

ethic to uh Park Expo Collective um like

I said the current event you're at today

is done by team

TBM um they do a great job and over at

Park Expo

Collective um obviously uh our focus is

going to be creating events similar to

this and continuing to up the bar and

make it very interactive um for instance

if you didn't notice everybody who

joined in the event today got an

exclusive PC 24 FanFest exhibition

emblem and you also enter the game with

210 movie

bucks and uh another thing to mention is

that just for being here at this panel

today you're going to get another 100

movie uh movie bucks into your account

and any game that's running the movie

World System um which means any uh

future PEC event you will be able to uh

have those emblems um and have that

currency so be sure um if you haven't

already after this event to go to the

emblem booth and pick up your exclusive

tpr Informer uh 2024 panel emblem um our

goal with these Partnerships is to

continue to find a way to immerse the

guest into the community and create

these immersive experiences uh for

everyone and uh another big thing that

tpr Informer plays for one uh tpr

Informer does all the graphics and

marketing for PEC events um and on top

of that the event live stream that

you're watching currently uh will be

uploaded to tpr Informer directly

following this event and every event um

that PEC puts on so every single panel

and live stream that you watch through a

park Expo Collective event will be

uploaded to tpr Informer um so that's

going to be a continued partnership

throughout the duration of uh tpr

Informer and PC's

partnership uh finally uh we will be

having a Q&A over in the meet and greet

section of uh the exhibition Hall and um

it's right outside of of the panel hall

right here um there will be doing a Q&A

and a meet and greet you can either ask

questions in the Roblox Creator event

page or you can ask questions uh through

the game

chat with that I just want to say thank

you once again uh for the continued

support to the tpr Informer Channel and

thank you for attending this event um

whether you're watching live or you're

watching on the tpr our inform former

Channel after the fact um we are super

happy to have you all support and we

hope that you guys continue on uh

watching tpr Informer content and uh com

into the uh PEC events uh we are super

excited to be continuing these

Partnerships and we're super excited to

be bringing content back to the tpr

inform forer

Channel and that concludes the tpr

former 2024 panel once again be sure to

go pick up those exclusive emblems um we

also have a day one emblem you will get

an exclusive emblem for day two if you

come tomorrow as well you can be able to

pick that up um be sure to go check that

out in the emblem store and be sure to

go get in line for the Q&A and meet and

greet we at TBR Informer and park Expo

Collective hope you have a wonderful

rest of your day here at PC FanFest


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Posted Apr 06, 2024 | Views 3.7K
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