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April 19, 2023 · Last updated on July 4, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions



Are these official Roblox events?

These events are hosted by volunteers from the community that have passed our application process. These events aren’t hosted by Roblox themselves.

Are events recorded?

Events might be recorded, however, only the speakers will be present in the recording. Anyone watching the event will not be captured in the event, additionally event chat is not captured in recordings.

Where do I sign up for an event?

Simply find the event on the homepage, click the event you wish to attend and click on the blue button that says register, thats it!

How do I join an event I have registered for?

After signing up and the event is about to start, you will see a blue button saying “Join” on the event page. Simply click on that and you will be redirected to the event.

Who hosts events on this website?

Volunteers of the Creator Events Program are Roblox developers from all backgrounds that have passed our application process.

How can I join the Creator Events program and what is the criteria?

You can review the criteria and apply to become an Event Organizer here.

How often are events hosted?

Event Organizers choose when they are ready to host events. It can take time to plan and execute an event properly. Keep an eye on the events page for any upcoming events!

What kind of events can I expect to find?

We have an array of different events from skills such as building, programming, 3D modeling, graphic design, music composing, game jams and more!

Is there an age requirement to attend events?

Yes, in order to join our events, attendees must be 13 or older

Are all events hosted in English?

No, we have a variety of Event Organizers from around the world that hosts a mixture of events in their local language as well as some English events too. As long as the Event Organizer has specified the language in the event’s title or description, searching for the language should give you a list of these events

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