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Simulated Engineering on Roblox Ft. Mechatricon

Posted Jul 14, 2023 | Views 18.1K
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Event Organizer @ Roblox

I'm Bestin! I am the Lead Programmer on Drift Paradise and a curious developer, here on Roblox. Through my Events, I want my viewers to have deeper insight into Roblox Development and learn how to expand and work on their experiences effectively.

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Speaker @ Mechatricon

Our mission is to ignite curiosity, inspire creativity, and foster a deep appreciation for robotics and engineering among our viewers, especially fellow teenagers.

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Hosted by Bestinhop23, featuring Mechatricon, "Simulated Engineering on Roblox" brings forward introductory ideas behind custom scripts to simulate real life Physics that allow you, the developer, to render virtual models from real life instances - this event is only an exploratory event and will not cover building or scripting in detail. This event - however, will give you a much clearer understanding of Roblox Physics.

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Please note: This transcript was auto-generated by YouTube so it may be inaccurate.

0:02 hello everyone to uh simulated engineering Roblox so we will be starting with Mac explaining the real 0:08 life engineering stuff that we've want to explore through blocks a bit so uh 0:14 you want to get started let's open up Roblox Studio 0:24 hi so this is a Roblox Studio environment I just built using free models this is uh 0:30 just loading up yeah uh okay so uh don't worry about I have it up on screen 0:37 there you go so uh you want to get started with the airplane 0:43 uh yeah if the stream is all visible and okay yeah can you see my Roblox Studio 0:49 environment if someone can respond in English 0:55 uh I can not see my Roblox environment uh if you can respond in English please 1:01 hi uh Roblox 1:06 yeah can anyone just please confirm real quick I'm not able to see the confirmation about it 1:13 uh okay I'll just assume they can see it I think they can as well yeah okay 1:19 did we get started now then yeah we'll just get started with the plane okay uh so hello everyone yeah okay so this 1:27 is real quick before we get started uh this is a engineer as I mentioned earlier he's 1:34 he's a prospective engineer and he's he's published some research papers in 1:39 various research journals so he's got he's got a quite a big bit quite a good 1:44 hand with engineering all right awesome thank you so much everyone uh okay let's get started everyone okay 1:53 yeah you can start explaining yeah I think it's Zena so we'll get started 1:58 first uh like we already mentioned we're gonna start with airplanes 2:04 so first I guess you can get started and start flying the plane and while you're 2:09 navigating I'll start about the explanations all right I'll try to get in the 2:15 airplane it's not okay yeah 2:24 so first we'll cover the main engineering principles behind how all of 2:29 this works and then how Roblox sort of it's in understanding how all these 2:35 machines work and then we're gonna go over the code and how you can sort of create it on your own 2:42 okay so we will get started with the plane if you'll just get started in Flight yeah 2:49 um yeah I'm an amazing part I didn't really put a lot of thought into this studio 2:56 environment so we'll just quickly take it off okay we're in there there we go okay 3:02 so first I'll basically talk about the engine that's what sort of lets the 3:07 plane itself fly now the engine in this plane because it's sort of a commercial plane that 3:13 you'd see has a propeller engine so there's two types one's a jet and one's 3:19 a propeller propellers are usually low power and therefore heavyweight aircrafts then 3:25 what you'd see in the flights you normally go in the other hand jet engines are more powerful so they are 3:32 more like for traveling at supersonic speeds uh and more often in military 3:38 aircrafts and talking about this aircraft this is 3:44 well an airplane unlike a helicopter so what the main difference is the wing is 3:49 fixed so the wings don't move now the plane essentially moves in three 3:55 ways which will also show it to you the first is when you move up and down 4:01 or say when you're elevating you're taking off and then when you're Landing so the up and down movement is 4:09 controlled by something known as the elevator if you will look at the back of the 4:15 plane you'll see there is two sort of rectangles and what they're basically trying to do is there are flaps that 4:22 move up and down and basically what happens is when you move it down your plane essentially goes 4:28 up and vice versa this lets you change your height and 4:34 lets your plane go up in the air then the second one is basic turning like 4:40 what happens in a normal day-to-day car that's when your plane moves directly left or right that was showing here in 4:47 the Stream if you can see it and now that's controlled by another surface if 4:52 you'll see there's sort of a fin at the back of the airplane that's what controls the left and right 4:58 so this itself has its own sort of rectangle fin that moves left and right 5:04 this is somewhat like how uh fishes or aquatic creatures move if you'll ever 5:11 see a shark or something it moves its fin back and forth and that's what lets 5:16 it move right and left so that's what works in a planar similarly then the most important is when you're 5:23 turning the plane right we're showing in the game it sort of rolls towards the right or it 5:28 rolls towards the left now this rolling is the most important type of turn so it 5:35 lets you move the plane backwards 180 degrees or perform maneuvers this is 5:40 controlled by the wings you see I'll come to them in a bit but the wings basically they have these flaps and when 5:48 one moves up the other moves down and that's how the plane sort of rolls its way like a barrel 5:55 and these three combined let the plane fly and go wherever and wherever they 6:00 want uh one thing I mentioned earlier that the engine is what lets the plane fly 6:07 well that's not the main important thing the most important is the wings that you 6:12 see the two Wings on the side that's what lets every single plane helicopter 6:18 or anything really fly even Birds so the shape of this uh the shape of 6:25 These Wings is what's really interesting because if we can have a zoom in on the 6:31 wings that would be great if you zoom in on the wings you'll notice it's a bit curved 6:37 shape is a bit uh it's pointy at one end and a bit thick at the other what this 6:43 does the air from the front sort of pushes its way back then the wings are shaped so that air 6:52 takes more time to fly from the top than it does at the bottom so they saw to this physics involved known as 6:59 Bernoulli's principle because speed and pressure they're inversely proportional now the pressure 7:06 below the plane where our character is standing is greater now what happens 7:11 when there's too much pressure that's pushing on something it expands so this pressure is sort of 7:18 worse pushes the plane upwards it's sort of like filling a balloon uh completely 7:24 and then you'll let it go so the balloon sort of travels that again shows you how 7:29 the pressure flows now that's called the Bernoulli's 7:35 principle and that's between the relation between speed and pressure 7:40 one more thing if we'll go under the plane you'll see the wheels that let it 7:46 fly now there's again a very interesting study Behind These itself 7:51 because when your planes taking off or moving it's sort of rolling and it 7:57 requires the wheels but then when it's in the air it's it causes something known as drag which is bad it reduces 8:06 the extent to which the plane flies so we have a question real quick how does the engine work uh 8:14 okay I'll address that so I'll talk about the propeller engine in this case because that's the most common one 8:20 really and that's the really fundamental thing 8:25 yeah so I think you can go to the front that's a better view yeah 8:32 so what a propeller engine does is it basically pushes air 8:39 oh that may sound a bit weird or confusing but you can picture in yeah we 8:45 have a close-up on it so it's sort of it has blades and they spin like a fan they 8:50 spin very very very fast and what this spinning motion does sucks in the air inside and then it 8:58 increases the speed of the air then it increases the pressure because the air is compressed and when it's compressed 9:05 the pressure causes the plane to sort of push it all the way back now this is what lets the plane move 9:12 forward because again you're sucking air and you're pushing it back if any of 9:17 your swimmers you'd also notice that the basic principle of swimming at least for 9:23 your hands is you push the water behind you and when you push the water you're 9:29 pulling yourself forward again because if you push something there's an inverse force that applies on you so that's what 9:37 works with propellers and that's what we've shown over here and these are most common for sort of 9:44 small planes like business Jets then the engine that we had previously if you 9:51 could just show that that's a fusion uh the previous engine we had all right 9:57 sure so this is just a propeller it's just a 10:03 blade and the Rings are again shaped the same way as a normal plane wing now the engine that the plane will be 10:09 flying on had is a fusion now most engines are a fusion because 10:15 day one suck in the air and push it back but then you increase the power with 10:21 which it's pushed back the jet engine it basically increases that speed 10:29 and if you look there yeah you'll also see there's many more 10:35 uh this is fine yeah yeah so you'll also notice there's many more blades here so it actually sucks in more air and if 10:42 you'll go to the back I will show the back 10:48 the back of the engine uh okay oh 10:54 the back of this engine is smaller in size and with that does is again it 11:00 makes the pressure a higher a higher pressure means it's pushed back more and 11:06 that pushing motion what it does it throws the air on the same Wing because 11:11 it's mounted on the wing and now this air that's thrown that's what lets the 11:17 plane fly that's what gives it lift and it pushes it forward and upwards so a 11:23 plane sort of works by the air pushing it rather than it moving for itself like 11:30 how it works in cars and that's how the engine works I hope I 11:36 answered your question I'll go back to the tires if you can 11:42 just show a close-up of that you want the viewers yeah okay sure at the wheels 11:47 so the wheels basically a necessity for an airplane 11:54 because well it needs to catch up speed and when it catches up that speed it's 11:59 in the air then it is not a good thing because the wheels are something known 12:06 as drag and we don't like drag we don't like drag at all what we need to do is reduce the drag 12:13 Force because drag this causes uh the plane to lose out on 12:19 its power so it needs is more power to travel uh why does the plane get turbulence 12:27 okay so turbulence can happen because of a variety of reasons 12:34 like a multitude of reasons the most common is well bad weather 12:40 and what bad weather does is it interferes with the environment so if 12:46 there is thunderstorms and there's rain the flow of air that we're again sucking and pushing and the plane is traveling 12:52 with that's interferred now the rain that falls creates more drag and then 12:59 you need more power to travel through but at the same time because rain is not 13:05 even in all sides and it's sort of pushing the plane down because again water has weight and while it's pushing 13:11 the plane down there's sort of a turbulence because the planes trying to come up and the rains and the weather is 13:18 trying to pull it down then there's also uh one again very 13:23 common phenomena where you're traveling up in the clouds and then there's risk of thunderstorms or it's very cloudy so 13:32 in that case the plane becomes salt its sort of has to uh go through an obstacle 13:38 course because again you need to avoid the Thunder you need to avoid the clouds and when you're trying to do uh do the 13:45 obstacle course the plane has to make some harsh turns some harsh movements 13:50 and the movements itself that's also what causes turbulence because 13:56 turbulence is basically any jolt that you face in flying and that's the most 14:01 common one but in other one that's sort of rare is 14:07 either if something comes inside the engine or if there is a very cold 14:13 weather now the motor is in the plane move and that does create heat but when you're in 14:19 somewhere like the North Pole or the South Pole it is cold and I scan form 14:25 and then this again makes it harder for the engine to move again turbulence 14:30 the other thing and this is the worst case scenario it happens very rarely but 14:36 it does happen in some cases is if something comes inside the engine or 14:42 something comes inside the propeller now you can think of it say as any mixing 14:47 machine or a blender if there's something hard in it that stops the blender from moving or something that 14:55 disrupts it or slows it down that causes the blender to work well less 15:00 efficiently and this is what causes the drag so and turbulence so there's a wide 15:07 range of reasons and these are the main ones so I hope I clarified your question 15:14 uh I do have one more I do have I have a question what okay so you said like uh 15:20 board strikes and uh this is really bad because it blocks the engine sort of 15:26 right okay so uh where it makes uh what it does is kind 15:33 of like you you said that it uh blocks so like what exactly does it do inside the engine I didn't get that part 15:41 okay uh the engine is basically a mixture of 15:47 rotating blades it's a mixture of hot air being pushed back and then it's a 15:53 mixture of sort of funnels or filters at can heat up the air and then they 15:59 push it back how the any bird or any flying object that's obviously an 16:05 obstacle and it can cause damage to any of these so there's a filter right now there's a 16:13 chance that the obstacle can can get stuck in the filter so nothing can pass through and if that happens the engine 16:21 is rendered somewhat useless and that's again a very bad scenario 16:27 rarely happens but in this case usually the recommended course is to shut the 16:33 engine off because you can think of it as sort of an internal car crash now 16:40 when cars have a crash or some crash happens you need to stop the engine right 16:45 now that's the procedure that you have to follow so the plane just Glides like a glider without the engine and that is 16:54 again a very bad case but you need to do it because when the bird comes in it has 16:59 no way to exit it and when it doesn't exit it's stuck inside 17:07 so yeah it's you can also think of it as puncturing your car tire I think that 17:13 analogy works better to explain what I'm trying to say but yeah 17:18 okay uh no this was about the airplane now I 17:27 think we can move on to I'll show you the difference between the helicopter does you can just go to the helicopter 17:33 uh do you want me to open the helicopter 17:43 okay now a helicopter is slightly more 17:49 complicated I'd say and by complicated I mean it's more delicate 17:54 now while for planes you have this very these two very big wings and there's 17:59 more Wings on the back that stabilizers and all of that helicopter has only one thing that truly 18:06 gets it moving those are the chopper blades that you see on the top and these blades again they push the air 18:15 they push the air down and while it's being pushed down the helicopter is up 18:20 in the air so again the same principle here but now what you do to make this 18:26 helicopter move is you change the speed with which the blades move and if you 18:32 can zoom in on the blades uh you'll see that the center part which 18:39 lets it move that is like a joystick right it's like a Controller joystick 18:45 yeah yeah yeah yeah and you can sort of move it forwards and backwards so like 18:50 when we're moving down you'll notice the blades sort of come forwards and that's what pulls the blade down 18:57 oh that's that's kind of cute that's actually kind of cool right oh yeah uh the blades they 19:05 basically move in all four directions wherever you want to go yeah that's cool that's awesome right 19:12 now you may also notice there's also a spinning blade at the back if you'll see yeah we see here 19:19 now this is sort of a safety mechanism isn't it doesn't really help that much 19:27 in flight but essentially because the blades are moving in one way 19:32 helicopter would also move in the other way because there's something known as torque a torque is just rotational 19:39 motion say like when you're spinning a fan and the fan it also spins the air 19:45 around now if we didn't have this blade at the back helicopter itself would spin in the 19:52 opposite motion and with this blade at the back does it opposes the motion and 19:58 it opposes the rotational Force so your helicopter can actually stay stable 20:05 and that's really why a helicopter I'd say is the most delicate piece of 20:11 aircraft that he could have because everything has a very specific role and 20:17 everything is for security and safety so you need the wings at the back to be 20:23 moving at a certain speed the front will be moving at a certain speed and so on 20:29 now how this is actually controlled is through the cockpit now in for the 20:36 purposes of Roblox this isn't really important or significant because you 20:41 don't need them and you don't use them when you're flying on Roblox but I'll tell you about it 20:47 I'm sorry about that okay yeah no problem 20:59 it is cool but it is also very dangerous now for the animals obviously what would 21:07 happen to the helicopter though oh it's dangerous for the helicopter if 21:13 anyone's in it and definitely the animal yeah of course not asking like what would happen like engineering with 21:19 physics in an engineering perspective the animal or object would be there and it would 21:28 either need to be weak enough for there to be minimal effect or well if it's an animal or an object it is going to be 21:36 rigid is going to be hard and then it's going to restrict the flow how if the aircraft's moving and if it 21:44 hits the back uh the back uh rotating uh wings that you see 21:49 if that gets hit that stops working now when that starts working your helicopter 21:56 is sort of going to move round and round and round and round and that is again catastrophic because if it moves at that 22:04 speed if you're and you're inside the helicopter you're again spinning at that 22:09 speed which is again deadly and the helicopter itself will crash because there's no stabilization 22:15 now if it hits the top or the main place that Let it Fly again it would get 22:21 pushed into the main motor area if you can see the helicopter we can have it 22:27 from the top view blades push the air down which means that pushing it down an 22:34 object would get pushed down to the engine part or the main part that 22:39 rotates left right like a joystick and when it gets inside that again the 22:44 rotating part is damaged if that happens obviously the people inside bury deadly the helicopter itself 22:53 most of it has to be fixed or replaced and that again could cost millions of 22:58 dollars and that's also very interesting thing thank you for asking the question 23:04 because when helicopters are being stored and there's certain types of 23:09 helicopters where the bottom part if their wheels animals and say rats they can get inside 23:18 the aircraft through that Gap so what people do when they store helicopters is 23:24 they create an enclosure around its leg so no foreign animal or object can get 23:29 in because if it gets in its internal components are at risk 23:35 and because Aviation is a very delicate piece of engineering you need to avoid 23:42 all of that at any cost that makes sense yeah that's and yeah 23:49 uh do you want me to cover the Roblox part of the plane at least uh the helicopter will leave for an hour 23:58 so we're uh how we can let's say like if you had to okay we have a question though what would happen if the spinning 24:05 is Apparent at the end so if you can go for that first a spinning blades are bent at the ends 24:12 what do you exactly mean by this Oh you mean like if it's bent downwards 24:21 or something would it affect the flying motion as well as another person 24:26 okay one interesting thing not sure if it answers your question I'll try to 24:31 based on what I understood so the blades are very very very big for a helicopter 24:38 and they're also very very heavy earlier on they used to make these 24:44 blades out of metal now they make it obviously out of lighter Composites 24:49 which are lighter but what always happens interesting the blades are not 24:55 sure or a helicopter is resting sorry uh 25:02 yeah I just had I just played the live stream my mistake yeah okay okay what happens 25:12 it's aren't moving it's drooping because it's again so heavy that it has to bend 25:18 oh this happens because as the hinge at the motor that's the only thing that's 25:25 holding the blade and because the blades aren't moving it bends or droops down 25:31 yeah the blades are always bent because of the weight but what happens is when 25:37 it flies so fast that bending is avoided because when it's moved the blades are 25:44 again pushing in a circular motion creating this centrifugal force and the 25:50 spinning spinning spinning keeps the blade straight so yeah 25:56 the blades are bent in the beginning but the rotation itself sort of causes it to 26:03 straighten because of the force that's acting on it and yeah I think that answers your question so 26:10 you can start with the uh we have over 100 people watching us live 26:15 right now so uh thank you everyone for the support uh okay so we'll get to the Roblox part of 26:22 it since this is also a Roblox Studio event uh so um best of 23 I am the lead 26:28 programmer and head of portrait strategy over at drift Paradise uh I'm also currently working into sports projects 26:35 and another one called Pacific mini games uh you'll see that one soon anyway so 26:41 um I used to work in this community we called grow Aviation if you all have 26:46 heard of it uh so the Euro Aviation Community was basically something where 26:52 there's this bunch of Roblox Airlines and they host flights where you actually go on a simulated flight with Roblox 26:59 that's really cool one of the biggest Airlines I used to work with this one it was called aqua Airways if you want to 27:04 check it out they host like flights and all that on just fully digitally that's actually like if you if you just enjoy 27:11 flying and want a semi-realistic experience of flying they have virtual planes just like these a full Fleet of 27:17 it and that's pretty interesting because if you want to go check mine anyway so uh about how you'd make a plane on 27:24 Roblox yourself so while I won't go into too much detail concerning let's just uh overview event uh I'll be hosting a 27:31 event called introduction and to Advanced scripting on Roblox so we'll 27:36 get into a server client infra and uh all that stuff we also have other 27:42 so you know go ahead and talk about the stuff we 27:48 about like programming on Roblox so that's if you want to check that out anyway so about how you build a plane so 27:55 you'll notice when we hop in this free model airplane uh or whenever you search 28:00 for an airplane on the toolbox I'd say even though I don't recommend generally getting free models for the purposes of 28:06 this one I did use free models on sec I'm just too fast in my work speed uh give me a second 28:15 okay I guess the plane I I guess I'm not able to get in the plane so I have to drop myself into that concept 28:25 yeah so yeah by the way this is a very cool party trick if you want to check this out on Roblox you can just like 28:31 move your character I guess uh 28:38 with that and yeah that's just how easy it is I guess I'm still not able to get inside 28:45 after like myself yeah so uh if I were to like let's say 28:52 hop in the buy let's see it over here 29:02 yeah so if I were to hop in the pilot seat as you all can see over here uh when I click the plain tool which allows 29:08 me to uh generally what happened is the plane wears entirely to my character so 29:13 if what it does essentially is if you have a bit of understanding of programming Roblox you understand that 29:18 it Loops through all the parts in the plane and well stamped to the human right root part of my character so over 29:24 here as you can see humanoid root part um so this is called the humanoid root part 29:31 over here so this thing basically allows me to like 29:36 you know [Music] pretty much control the plane as a fit 29:42 for my character so what I can do theoretically is whenever I move the humanoid root part 29:48 which is my the primary part of my character it would move the entire place so essentially what I'm doing over here 29:56 is adding body velocity or something like that so like you know how you fly on Roblox where you have like a fly come 30:02 on it's essentially doing that but by welding the entire aircraft to it so 30:08 we're using engineering principles on a character this is uh most of the three 30:13 plane tickets look through this so basically all the engineering principles we explained for the airplane we're just 30:19 doing that on a character so that allows us to I think relatively simplistically 30:25 uh explore this if that makes sense uh do you all have any questions please feel free to ask them uh yeah so that's 30:33 that's essentially what it does we will be exploring maybe like similar stuff on 30:39 a more basic level in some other events uh if you're not interested and yeah so you want to move on to another one Mac 30:46 oh yeah sure okay let's move on to the other system uh for the other systems uh 30:52 for the hydraulic press at least I'll be I will be exploring the how you can code it uh rather uh if 31:00 you want uh anyway Mac uh what do you want to do you want to do the hydraulic press next 31:05 uh yeah let's do the hydraulic pressure 31:13 drop questions in the chat um you know open to answers if you drop a person let's play your first priority to answer 31:19 it we also have a q a session towards the NDP just want to ask us about any similar any general topic like that 31:25 anyway uh yeah please man continue okay so hydraulic presses basically 31:33 they use less power to exert more power they do is they let you squish things 31:41 for the lack of better terminology and make it easier to uh use power I'd say 31:49 oh it's uh basically hydraulic comes from water and pipe and what we've made 31:56 here uh is a simulated version of it I'd say but essentially the original 32:03 ideology of how it works is based on water and pressure 32:11 so uh hydraulic High hydraulic press has two main parts or I'd say cylinders and 32:19 you can see we have a question uh how to use Roblox to mimic the stuff so again 32:25 this was we just glossed over this essentially what we're doing is welding in all the parts of the plane so you know you have your mod you have a model 32:31 ready build it yourself you build like the plain body and all that stuff you just weld it to the character and we 32:37 rather like twin or like animate character to move the plane obviously we 32:43 can't go into that much detail by the limitations of this event but essentially what you're doing is using principles of welding for that uh if you 32:50 don't know what a weld is a weld is basically what allows you to like stick two things together without actually you 32:56 know making them a union uh that's essentially what a word is like and there's something called motors which 33:01 allow you to change the dimensions of that world uh so essentially what how we could have like between this thing over 33:08 here is essentially what we could just put a motor over here as you can in this thing and put a motor that validate this 33:15 thing to the entire thing and made an angle so that it angularly tweens 33:20 towards this so it changes its angle so it can go down over it it's a long story 33:25 you have to use a couple plugins to do this so we'll have to use export this in other events but essentially what it 33:31 does is you're animating the character to mimic your engineering essentially for the plane uh does that answer 33:37 question if you have anything please feel free to ask anyway uh Mac you can move on okay so you can picture it this 33:45 way there's two pipes I mean you can picture it from the one we've created here as well 33:51 and what how it works is one pipe is big and the other is small and they both 33:58 have any fluid or some water inside them the small one works somewhat like a 34:04 plunger one used in toilets the other one is what I call the ram 34:11 and essentially the plunger causes the ram to move by that I mean uh you take the smaller 34:19 cylinder with the smaller liquid you apply say x Force 34:25 but the flow is again connected to the bigger cylinder and the bigger cylinder 34:31 exerts say 10 to 100 times that amount of force so what hydraulic presses do they help 34:38 you save energy and exert more Force by compressing or pushing liquids 34:46 question are you saying it uses the force of gravity to go down or how does it like conserve energy not really 34:53 gravity okay audience 35:10 yeah so now I have a syringe I connect it to a bigger syringe and at the end of 35:16 the bigger syringe okay there's sort of a handle that can move forward and 35:23 backward or a piston like you have in Minecraft so take this small syringe and it's 35:29 relatively easy to move the fluid or whatever you have outwards right 35:36 yeah I guess I'm moving that syringe connected to the 35:42 bigger one now because fluid or water can't be compressed it needs to go out 35:48 of somewhere and then it goes out of the bigger end but when it goes up the bigger end 35:54 because it's bigger the pressure acts on a larger area because again pressure is 36:01 related to force and area to add the area up and the pressure also 36:06 changes the bigger area of the hydraulic press or the second syringe that causes 36:12 sort of your piston to move and put more Force while you're at it 36:19 and that's how it works basically in layman terms so it lets you use a small 36:26 amount of force to create a larger amount of force that's how you sort of 36:31 compress cars in waste bins is that the thing so all the waste cars once say 36:37 they've expired their life cycle now to reduce the amount of waste you have they're compressed and how this is done 36:44 is through hydraulic press otherwise you would need the weight of 36:49 about three elephants stacked on top of each other to compress and squish uh 36:56 cars or any other devices of that sort because again it's made to be rigid 37:02 so hydraulic presses they let us save time and energy by doing this 37:07 now today we don't necessarily need mechanical Parts like I've told about 37:12 fluids so what happens now is there's all these circuits so at the push of a 37:18 single button you send out a current to allow the compressor to work and that's 37:24 what we've tried to show in this uh model that we've made okay and do you 37:30 want me to explore you can explain more okay so this is one of my favorite parts of the event uh uh view okay explosion 37:38 in three two one okay so what it does is pushes and boom explode that's that's so 37:43 cool so what we uh okay do you want to finish talking and then I'll cover it how we do it in Roblox 37:49 yeah okay so what we just showed you an explosion absolutely to show you how 37:54 anything Works in a hydraulic system now obviously it's not for the sole purpose 37:59 of exporting stuff obviously that's not what we're trying to do but if you have 38:05 a big metal object it compresses it and when it's compressing it there's sort of 38:11 heat generated and the heat as we've tried to shown show through the 38:16 explosion because it's heating up and it's being compressed there can be possible Sparks at all so that's what we 38:24 try to show it uses less force and in this case it's just touching a button or turning the 38:31 lever and with the turn of one level this whole hydraulic press is crushed 38:38 now the most interesting thing about this I'll just tell you how significant it is with the force it takes you to 38:46 press a key or type a message in the chat you can Crush an entire vehicle or you 38:54 can Crush about a block of pure metal pure tungsten or pure gold now if you 39:02 know anything about these Metals it is they are very hard and they're very hard you need a lot of force to crush them 39:09 but that's sort of the beauty of hydraulic press while something like metal could not obviously be crushed by 39:16 us normally with hydraulic press with a bunch of syringes and fluids for the 39:22 lack of better words you can and yeah now you can sort of explain how 39:28 we made it right so this one I'll explain in full detail I'll go code uh 39:34 so uh this is how I simulated this is not using the engineering principles that explained but how you can simulate 39:41 your own hydraulic press and the explosion I just showed you so what and how the explosion works on uh the 39:49 hydraulic press is by let me quickly throw it here 39:59 yeah so this is the script that I used uh so it's not the most efficient script I just store it in a minute or two but 40:05 essentially what I'm doing is we're checking uh just checking depending if 40:11 the hydraulic press button has been pressed or not in a variable we're setting it to true if it has been 40:17 pressed or absorbing pressed we just change that and then we use screen service which is uh essentially what 40:24 allows us to move objects so whenever the button is clicked it changes its color using this line of code and it 40:31 tweets that's essentially what we do uh 40:37 uh so I guess uh even though it's not simulating Roblox physics as I would 40:44 like to do it uh you could theoretically tweet your screen service between 3D 40:49 parts and even that's not the most efficient way to do it any small scale animations are very easy to do between 40:55 service essentially what you can also do is you could store the c-frame values in 41:01 a variable by creating a duplicate of like so what I've done here is create a 41:07 duplicate of the hydraulic press moving parts and just between it to that and 41:12 then tween it back up so using variables to store the C frame values of the 41:17 coordinate frame values uh essentially that's what I'm doing I'll explore in this in my more of my scripting events 41:23 if you're interested uh but more or less this is what we have put explosion part 41:29 uh we just have a part over there and we check when the hydraulic press reaches 41:36 the bottom and just create an explosion of that specific position so an explosion on Roblox is basically 41:41 anything that you can use to explore like um normally what what else would it do it's index code sometimes developer use 41:48 uh exposure to stimulate crashes uh so initially one of if you've seen one of 41:54 the well the story of Roblox videos it was about how developers used uh how two 42:01 cars would crash and we actually did a similar thing to test it and drift Paradise when we did and didn't end up 42:06 implementing it essentially what we do is use explosions to explore the cars itself now while this is not something 42:12 we'd achieve in real life physics it's something that looks cool or in a virtual environment therefore we tried 42:17 it out uh so that's what explosions allow us to do any and like you know even a simulated like something like a 42:23 bomb dropping Simulator game something like that if you're interested in it uh that's what you could use an explosion 42:29 for and you could just set the position it's really easy to use it's amazing because it Roblox physics physics 42:35 engineering engine that's pretty much it uh the other one uh send the I'll 42:40 actually give you all the code in the chat if you want you all can check it out if you wanted 42:48 unless also yeah any questions please feel free to ask 42:54 your questions uh thank you so much uh uh and uh 43:00 uh Matthew okay I think you covered the hydraulic 43:07 part pretty well and I think that covers that one now I think we can move on to 43:12 levels uh okay so we don't have any uh real 43:19 life Roblox demonstration for the lovers but you all can definitely uh check it 43:24 out you all can definitely learn the real life explanation now levers I'd say they're not a very 43:31 cool thing like the hydraulic press but what's really cool about them is all 43:37 that you can do with it now but it basically does it lets you lift 43:43 or it lets you push something by this I mean your flight Force unwanted like the hydraulic press now 43:50 you can exert it the other end now the hydraulic machine like we told 43:55 you lets you exert more Force by applying less the levers also do this similarly now 44:02 the levers were sort of the initial version of it led to the hydraulic system but there's still very important 44:09 now and the beauty of it is it can be used to create much more complex things 44:16 say the swings that you have that's again levels the seesaws seesaws are 44:22 essentially the basic level say even your chance to have wardrobes 44:30 function to even probably a lot of applications in Planes itself 44:35 now it may not be evident at the first glance but this is why I'd like to show 44:41 it to you now the main goal of engineering is to simplify things engineering is basically 44:49 problem solving now for both the hydraulic and the lever the problem is to reduce how much 44:57 strength you need to you do apply to do something anything say it's lifting a 45:02 wheelbarrow wheelbarrows are actually a form of level so levers are designed to reduce how 45:10 much power you need to push something and they basically include something as 45:16 the load which is anything you want to add or lift you've shown it with the use 45:21 of these Red Blocks these red Lego looking blocks that you have and the white frame that you see that's 45:29 called The Beam so that's sort of the base on which everything sits and then the main part about it is 45:37 something known as the fulcrum now if you can you'll see we've shown this and 45:42 made this by these two rectangular looking blocks that are sort of giving 45:47 ground to The Leverage this was letting it stay up and what happens is the whole wheel uh 45:55 you can picture it as sort of a wheelbarrow that works around this fulcrum or these two rectangular blocks 46:02 so while you apply force on one end Force comes out of the other so like in 46:08 the sea saw how it works is say there is two people one person sits on one end and pushes down what happens is the 46:15 other person gets lifted up now I'm sure all of you have noticed but in case of a seesaw what you're 46:22 essentially doing you're lifting the other personal side effect if you've thought about it like that now compare 46:30 the how hard it is for you to lift a person normally with your bare hands and 46:35 then how you do it easily with the help of a seesaw even children can do it 46:41 children yeah so what levels do they reduce how much strength you need to do to exert some 46:48 work and now we've shown them as three types if you'll see if you can just go around 46:53 showing them this there's three types and the main difference only is the 46:59 position of the whole base or what is called the fulcrum and each of those have different 47:06 purposes so the sort of seesaw looking one adds 47:12 if you push something down you want to lift it up and again there's again a very interesting thing about it 47:18 and you're pushing something down it's easier to push than pull 47:23 and you're pushing and acting with gravity now gravity always pushes thing 47:28 downwards but it's easier for you to push down than push something up it's also why if 47:35 say you ever hike or you go about hills it's always easier to come down than it 47:41 is to climb up to the Peaks similar function here similar principle so that's why the main goal that levels 47:49 try to do you have to push something down when you push something down that's how you push the other thing up that's 47:56 how Wells actually sorted a work in the initial days when Wells were mainly used 48:01 that use something known as a lever and then combine it with the pulley 48:07 but yeah that's basically sort of it and again the most interesting thing 48:13 about this is its simplicity now in Engineering in technology in 48:20 coding even on Roblox the key thing is to make everything as simple as it can 48:26 be say if you're doing creating an engineering product project say you're making a drone the main thing is to make 48:33 it as simple as you can and then similarly when you're coding something to use as minimal lines of code as you 48:41 can or try to make everything simple another thing with this in engineering 48:48 is the fundamental one goal is to try to make things separate from each other 48:53 because like we explained for the airplane the parts are connected but they're not 48:59 joined what that does is if there's a problem in one area you can fix that specific 49:06 area without having to uh change the whole thing or anything that's similar to I'd say debugging code if there's a 49:14 problem in your script and that would be in a specific portion it's easier to 49:19 edit out that specific fault than if your error is in your whole code script 49:25 or your whole file similarly in engineering you try to make 49:31 everything separate from each other so they work separately but the benefit is 49:36 combined and yeah that's pretty much it 49:42 okay I think we uh since we're not exploring the Roblox side of this uh uh 49:47 do you just want to say any concluding thoughts before I uh start the Q a 49:54 yeah the concluding thoughts are basically it's important to understand 49:59 and keep in mind the main principles when you're looking in terms of engineering coding and especially Roblox 50:07 to try to make things simple and easy for you to decode and decipher 50:16 you're creating the different plane components what you'll again notice is under the Explorer or workspace 50:23 everything is compartmentalized and that again lets you identify and work on 50:29 individual things which would be opposed to as a whole object or the whole plane 50:34 being compiled as one group so yeah that's basically it I think we 50:41 can start with the Q a here okay alrighty everyone so uh this is pretty 50:47 much towards the conclusion of the event we'll take next five ten minutes per our 50:52 q a if anyone has any questions please please bring them forward uh we do have a few Russian viewers over here if you 50:59 want to ask them uh in Russian uh please 51:04 ask any more questions 51:12 I'll send that from the chat I doubt people are asking the questions 51:20 uh as I expected 51:25 any one other connections please bring them on uh we'll be happy to answer them 51:33 uh uh I doubt uh we have our English viewers asking questions they're online 51:40 as I can say but I don't believe that asking questions uh please uh please 51:48 so I guess I'll just answer some Roblox related questions about myself and I'll 51:53 ask you I guess we can interchange questions uh 52:03 yeah okay yeah okay please uh okay so I'll ask a question for you what 52:10 court you interested in engineering oh okay uh me engineering is really 52:17 problem solving or I'd say and this is very cliche but 52:22 for me engineering is an art of turning a vision or a goal into reality 52:29 or like in the case of the planes and the helicopters and all we had we turned the goal of flying into reality or into 52:38 the reality of the real components and yeah the basic ability to problem solve is 52:45 what you mean okay if a question how accurate is Roblox gravity to real world gravity when calculating okay so okay as 52:54 far as another Roblox is the gravity units uh I am not fully aware of this one 52:59 but as far as I know uh we have 1.9 so one star converts about five centimeters 53:07 as far as I know I write it in a block to close back in the day and because we have a 53:13 1.96.2 graffiti value and starts I think starts per second squared which itself 53:18 default unit will be so it just uses a start version of like real world 53:25 gravity I'd assume because uh we we see that we call we have like our jumping 53:30 animations for example are very consistent with real life so what I'll do is I'll actually jump in real life right now 53:36 uh uh uh so where we like it just takes like about a half a 53:43 second or sometimes like I'm just estimating in my head uh where we have like I just jump in and I land down so I 53:50 assume it's like very real it's done in a way to tune it to a realistic fashion where I can where developers can choose 53:57 what they want to uh I'd assume that's the case uh but uh even Explore how real 54:03 gravity Works uh uh Max thank you 54:14 there uh I think he is yeah okay am I there could you explain how real world 54:21 gravity works perfectly or something so I guess uh we have this start versions 54:27 of this uh where we can you know settle even though because we can set our own 54:32 gravity it might not always be realistic but I'd assume 1.196.2 is just a 54:39 centimeter based conversion vectors one start conversion with five centimeters or 0.05 meters so just quickly okay I'll 54:46 answer this question how do we create a spaceship using Roblox studio so it actually would so 54:52 what I would do honestly is I just like you know we have the open source plane kit right so this is developed by a 54:59 developer back in 2016 when it works flawlessly even to this day so what you could do is build your own plane body 55:05 and just use instructions on that and just like technically you're technically building a plane but you could use that 55:13 as a space space ship if that makes sense there's something called The Open Source flame that you can sorted on the 55:18 developer foreign 55:25 oh yeah so real world gravity again I'd say it is possible to simulate it it is 55:34 done because that is what lets your cars cars move again in all your games that's 55:41 what lets you work so the principle of gravity is present but how accurate it is that depends if 55:49 you are yourself a developer that depends on the criteria you set in 55:55 because you can picture Roblox or any uh platform or anything like that as sort 56:02 of a simulation now the accuracy of the simulation depends on what you and input 56:09 as the code so like when we were making the plane we decided how fast it could 56:15 go and we decided the speed at which it would need to take off and land now similarly you can change the value 56:24 of gravity or how easy or hard you want for movements to be now although this 56:30 gives you a chance to change gravity and try to model it again remember that it 56:36 won't be perfect because for it to be perfect you need to consider every single Factor say your 56:44 character itself how much would your character would weigh say cars you'd have to Define weight for every single 56:51 component and then you'd have to add the gravity value so while it helps while the gravity 56:58 principle is there and it does help you understand and run some calculations 57:05 there will be error based on the system itself so this would be something known as 57:11 systematic error where say you're doing a research project on Roblox one of my 57:17 friends did a similar gravity one on Minecraft actually so while the whole system would have a 57:24 constant gravity there would be something known as systematic error meaning all your data would be off by a bit now 57:32 by a bit I mean I would round around a 20 to 30 margin but it is helpful for 57:39 running calculations and coming up to objectives because the principle of gravity is there is just not as accurate 57:46 as real life so we have uh 57:52 we have three more questions uh so we'll get started with this one uh real quick 57:58 will there be a public repository for some code to test out uh unfortunately these are just three more rooms you can 58:03 look it up in the toolbox it's like playing helicopter but for my introduction to scripting events we do 58:09 we uh we for the upcoming ones at least we'll have a public repository of all the code uh I'll publish it as a 58:15 resource on the dev Forum or I'll publish it as a resource in the description there will definitely be a full repository of all the code I use 58:22 and my upcoming events for sure uh another question um are there any substantial difference 58:28 between this physics engine and physics engine and other games and animals I don't have an experience in UE or Unity 58:36 so I currently say as for roblox's physics engine you can either make your Do Your Own Thing or 58:44 do what like you could send me I remember you can even make something like a car 58:49 without any scripts like I remember you could just like play so he could see it on 58:55 something and uh you can use your valves and all that just to make a call directly without any uh there's 59:02 something called a vehicle seat which allows you to maneuver and it's already pre-written so anyone with even very 59:07 little experience this is what I like about Roblox any super Advanced people like myself or people who are just 59:13 getting started or can do whatever they want and I think that's kind of cool uh 59:18 the other question uh this is for Mac uh what a hydraulic press be able to crush 59:23 another Hydro Plus 59:29 yeah interesting well I guess yeah a hydraulic press can 59:34 technically crush anything just the hydraulic press that does the 59:40 crushing needs to be bigger so you know it actually fits but yeah technically 59:45 yes it can yeah okay also as per uh has a question 59:52 about uh Roblox gravity uh we also have a remote so if we sensitive density to 59:58 one which is mass upon volume uh Roblox eight thousand Roblox units of mass 1:00:03 converts to about roughly one kilogram so I guess you could calculate manually 1:00:10 about like with your 9.8 meter per second Square New so you could you theoretically take word it all and use 1:00:17 real you could simulate like gravity in Roblox for sure set your gravity in 1:00:22 workspace to 196.2 and you could very realistically simulate gravity in Roblox which I find really 1:00:29 cool at the same time but you there might not be some factors like air resistance you'll have to count for that 1:00:34 maybe you have a constant maybe have a variable analysis there's a lot of stuff you can do and I find that kind of cool 1:00:40 uh yeah so uh we do have someone asking questions in Russian right Mac do you 1:00:48 have a question for me uh no I think that's good yeah 1:00:55 okay sure I'll ask you a question 1:01:04 are basically pairs of co-primes I guess where there's like two different prime 1:01:10 numbers and yeah I guess co-primes it's like 13 and 17 and co-primes I guess 17 1:01:15 and 19 I think or four times so like they don't have common factors yeah they 1:01:20 don't have that that's just prime numbers yeah right assume that anyway what's your question buddy 1:01:27 okay uh okay I'll ask you one what 1:01:33 what kept you connected with it because I know if uh Roblox is again a very 1:01:38 unique thing and the level of experience that you've gotten all the work you've got it to do that's completely thrilling 1:01:47 at the same time hard to believe that you've come this far in this short amount of time so 1:01:53 what's got five years ago it's been it's been a while 1:01:59 so my question is what kept you hooked okay so uh I guess you know how there's 1:02:06 like something I I call this like the over saturation effect that's what I 1:02:12 call it uh so what I'll call what I'll say is uh 1:02:20 uh what kept me hooked was first of all through the video game like experience side of things like with the variety of 1:02:27 different experiences you have even as a like a player you could just like you could go from jailbreak to maybe like 1:02:33 something like mad city like there's a similar genre of games completely different games so like uh you have like 1:02:41 very different view sorry my bad experiences uh you have two different complete genres of uh experiences where 1:02:47 you could go from one thing to another and you whatever you find interesting keeps you 1:02:54 hooked I guess that's what makes makes my thing the Roblox quite good uh also being able to be financially rather 1:03:01 close to Independent rather uh and having something that 1:03:09 you know uh like uh Yeah so basically having something that 1:03:15 like helps you financially while being enjoyable to do I guess just kept me in 1:03:21 there and just learning about it I today like I could I couldn't fully answer some of the questions that were asked 1:03:27 and I'd love to be able to learn more go back do my research and learn more I guess the love of learning that's pretty 1:03:34 much it right yeah that makes sense definitely agree with you okay we do 1:03:40 have one more question from scally okay uh will you be able to replicate the gravitational pull of a planet 1:03:45 accurately how do you calculate the speed or mass of the pole okay so you have to calculate the you can do 1:03:52 the calculation part I'll explain the replicate shortly but sure uh well there are already simulations 1:03:58 that have been made they've been developed uh that sort of taken the values of planets my values I mean the 1:04:07 value of gravity and the distance and through that you can calculate the pull because gravitational pull is variant on 1:04:16 one the mass of two planets and the distance between the planets so as long 1:04:23 as you have those two three values you can effectively calculate the pull 1:04:29 the accurateness depends on how correct or validity 1:04:35 you said accurateness the word is accuracy buddy oh sorry yeah sorry my 1:04:41 bad but basically sorry but it depends on how correct your values of the mass 1:04:49 and distances but again that's not completely correct it's an estimation 1:04:54 you can't really take a planet and put it on a weighing scale or something oh yeah I mean if the planet is like the 1:05:02 size of a ball I mean you never know what the future holds for us right anyway uh that was a joke too much yeah uh okay 1:05:09 so if you want to replicate in Roblox I have a weird I just came up with this on the fly so what you could do is like 1:05:15 have a part like this right like which is like super close to the ground put something in in the air right on 1:05:21 anchor them and check on the part hits this part right so use workspace or touches about they call that specific 1:05:27 name so what I'll actually do is we I'll write I'll write some code live for you if you want to check how much time 1:05:33 thanks for that part uh here so let's put in part at uh 1:05:40 height of about let's say this is we have a test part 1:05:54 so you can add a script here and we can also have a base part that's our main 1:06:00 part of that position uh 0.1 right so as soon as it reaches at 0.1 so 1:06:09 we want that workspace.touched so not workspace but part dot touched 1:06:14 colon connect function touch bar and then we have if touch part name equal to 1:06:20 test part actually uh and then script.parent 1:06:29 and if the pair if it's called test part then we 1:06:35 just say like check the second interlapse so I guess we could just like calculate how much time it's taken to 1:06:42 reach that uh so you can just have local seconds 1:06:48 elapsed and have equal to zero and then local 1:06:53 touched equals false uh and then and touched equal to equal 1:07:01 to false while with 0.1 actually equals 1:07:11 and we can have it like just say uh second elapsed 1:07:16 foreign seconds 1:07:29 uh and we have if touched equal to equal to true then great we 1:07:35 just break the loop so now we can get basically uh the 1:07:40 number of seconds elapsed uh where like how much time basically check how many 1:07:46 seconds it took that part to reach the grounder if that makes sense so it 1:07:53 already might have it or it already reached obviously because I mean by the time okay didn't break the loop suddenly I 1:07:59 don't know what happened there I guess it came down too fast so what we'll do is break the loop manually other than 1:08:04 that and touched equal to oh uh I just got to 1:08:10 know your screen isn't visible all right my bad sorry oh shoot uh we were on the 1:08:15 Q and SP my back sorry oh God oh God I'm so sorry uh anyway so this is the code I 1:08:22 wrote oh my bad sorry my bad so this is the code I wrote uh that basically 1:08:27 allows us to calculate the seconds elapsed it's still not going a lot of weight to that 1:08:33 so we anchored this part 1:08:39 and we'll also call it base 1:08:44 and we'll just say workspace or test part dot anchored we 1:08:52 will do false and I guess that should give us the time it takes for the application code 1:09:03 I guess uh okay so there's apparently some thing that's not working I'm probably making a really stupid error 1:09:09 but I think you get where I'm coming from you can just calculate the seconds elapsed and 1:09:14 you should be able to calculate like the gravity using like that so maybe you could actually like use like 1:09:21 non-realist like something that you could simulate in real life like for a physics project I'd use this for a 1:09:26 physics project uh you know this could have been helpful under internal assessments right 1:09:31 uh yeah good yeah it could have been right anyway so yeah uh any more 1:09:38 questions uh you all 1:09:44 uh come on I'm so sorry for the steam shirt 1:09:52 anyway any more questions 1:09:58 uh I guess this is it and if we don't have more questions uh 1:10:05 the ended here then uh you know what let's fix the code I want to fix the code I 1:10:11 feel like I feel like yeah let's fix the code we will want to fix the chord let's fix the code before we add 1:10:17 uh okay so we have uh Rihanna okay so let's print the name of 1:10:23 Dutch part maybe I'm doing something wrong there 1:10:33 okay that's not uh okay so it's not even detecting a touch 1:10:38 I assume that's the case right maybe we can we'll rename the script so 1:10:43 we can see uh and let's add this as a warning 1:11:03 not really okay we don't have a warning anywhere 1:11:09 and it just keeps going okay so that's good uh we don't have warning anywhere so it's not detecting a touch I assume 1:11:16 so I guess the base is a little too too flat I assume so I'll just move that a 1:11:21 bit up okay that should fix it ideally but I'm not sure 1:11:28 okay test part you got it all right we got it we got it 1:11:33 uh we got 0.02 seconds so that's that we got it so you know what you want to calculate 1:11:39 the acceleration to gravity as well let's use the conversion factors let's quickly do it I feel like I feel experimental right now so you all can 1:11:46 get a programming lesson as well you know so we have 0.02002 seconds that it takes to reach 1:11:52 the part uh yeah let's calculate the amount of starts it took to reach it 1:11:58 so let's add uh 1:12:05 maybe like add repeat wait 0.001 1:12:13 until charged equal to equal to 0 and let's 1:12:20 add seconds in that function 1:12:25 we just repeat this until touches true and now that we know touch is true we can maybe get the Y value so local 1:12:33 distance covered equal to so what's higher the test part 1:12:39 is higher right it's the script good parent get parent or test for DOT position minus 1:12:53 so this gives us the actual y-axis like the vertical deviation 1:12:58 uh basically this allows us to calculate how much distance at cover right uh 1:13:06 so after we calculate how many distance it covered uh uh what do you need uh so we have this 1:13:13 formula in physics okay so we have H is equal to u t 1:13:21 plus GT Square Pi 2. since our initial velocity is zero uh we have just gravity 1:13:28 into Time Square so we have a distance and let's convert it into studs okay 1:13:33 so we have our conversion factor 1:13:39 170. so five centimeters that's our uh 1:13:45 conversion factor so our distance covered times okay so it's we have five 1:13:52 centimeters per start so 5 cm equals one start and we have X dots 1:13:59 so we just multiply that by 0.05 and we get meters distance so oh 1:14:06 so local meters equals distance covered times 0.05 right so we have how much 1:14:13 distance we covered in meters so we can just use this formula so we have meters equals here this is 1:14:21 meters equals GT Square by so what we can do is since we already have the value of G and T and we okay we 1:14:28 actually have the entire equation what are we calculating again I forgot okay proving g equals my bad my bad I'm 1:14:35 so stupid okay okay so we just do meters by time squared yeah 1:14:41 so local g equals meters divided by time 1:14:46 squared I have no idea that's a similar in 1:14:53 Roblox I actually put on there's a second lab spice 1:15:00 alrighty let's see if it works ladies and gentlemen 1:15:06 oh wait it's GT Square two by two I got the equation wrong my bad my bad that's I got the equation row it's half GT 1:15:13 squared right yeah uh okay so meters and we multiply that by 1:15:20 two right 1:15:32 let's see if we can 1:15:38 I guess I made another uh oh I forgot to print it I'm so stupid 1:15:45 I am the stupidest man alive I'm going to print everything okay uh so we do print 1:15:52 J and we do different and seconds left let's go I'll actually 1:16:00 add a few more zeros just going to over accuracy 1:16:20 already oh my God that is so wrong 1:16:26 uh what should we do wrong 1:16:31 I guess I'll just subtract the y-axis values rather than just that dot y 1:16:37 third why but I assume it's doing something uh 1:16:48 wrong 1:17:03 oh okay let's check the equation again okay so we do H Pi t squared times 2. 1:17:13 I see what I did wrong here we need to do it 1:17:26 okay we're getting a very abnormal value that we should not be getting so it may be is a problem with different factors 1:17:32 that we're using I guess uh it might be wrong uh but this should theoretically 1:17:37 work if the conversion factor is correct obvious uh uh yeah multiplying by two uh sir I'm 1:17:47 multiplying by two 1:18:00 [Music] 1:18:06 anyway I guess uh this still won't solve our problem um 1:18:11 so I guess we'll end the stream here uh Mac do you have any closing remarks 1:18:17 uh no I think it's fine I think we finished everything the last bit was bit 1:18:23 of a good situation but yeah yeah I think that history got the second to lapse I think this is a conversion 1:18:28 factor that is you uh right other than that I think it's good 1:18:37 and I'll send the link of the mecca trick on YouTube channel yeah or if you 1:18:43 want to learn more about similar topics you can go to the YouTube but that's pretty much 1:18:50 it I think yeah okay you wanna quickly try this let's try if it works directly without the seconds elapsed 1:18:57 oh wait right I'm so stupid I found our mistake I was not doing plus one for seconds elapsed I'm so stupid 1:19:05 oh okay I was doing plus oh my God I'm the stupidest man alive oh my God 1:19:12 oh my God okay but then that's okay so what we need to do is actually make it 1:19:18 like because if it's like actually no way that's right that's actually right this is right 1:19:25 this is right foreign 1:19:31 also for the people saying to uh we're calculating the value of J right so we 1:19:37 multiply it by 2 so it's 2H by T Square so that will give us that so two Edge 1:19:44 Pi T square that gives us the value so that's where meters is our height we multiplied by two let's calculate it in 1:19:50 starts I guess if that works is at colons maybe that's just the problem 1:19:57 yeah I don't think that's so I guess it's just giving us the wrong value then 1:20:03 yeah it delays in the function probably between that something like that uh 1:20:09 we will be ending the stream now I guess the last bit what was a bit confusing 1:20:14 but yeah thank you all so much for tuning in today uh we'll see you all in my next event that's cool 1:20:23 uh that's pretty much it yeah uh yeah goodbye everyone see you 1:20:30 bye hey thank you bye thank you all so much for attending thank you thank you

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