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Reasons for using Roblox (ft. SplitYourGamming10)

Posted Jul 31, 2023 | Views 18K
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Event Organiser @ Roblox

I am an Event Organiser for Roblox, and a developer that's experienced in many programming languages. I am known for my games such as MovieWorld and TM123 Studios.

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I am an Event Organiser for Roblox, and a developer that's experienced in many programming languages. I am known for my games such as MovieWorld and TM123 Studios.

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Chairman @ MovieWorld

Hi! I am SplitYourGamming10 (Aka TigerMANEK426). I Co-Own a group called TeamTBM with one of my best friends. I develop games on Roblox but I also Develop Websites for my own group and other groups. I am experienced in multiple programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, C# and Lua.

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Hi! I am SplitYourGamming10 (Aka TigerMANEK426). I Co-Own a group called TeamTBM with one of my best friends. I develop games on Roblox but I also Develop Websites for my own group and other groups. I am experienced in multiple programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, C# and Lua.

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During this event, I interviewed SplitYourGamming10 on why he started using Roblox and the reasons he continues to use it. I covered several topics, including how he got into game-making and why Roblox is such a useful tool for game developers. This event also covered how Roblox is such a powerful educational tool.

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hello everyone and welcome to this

Roblox event today I will be going over

the reasons for using Roblox and I'll be

interviewing split your gaming 10 who's

a Roblox developer on the platform

and what I'm going to do today is ask

him many different questions sort of why

he wants to use Roblox for reasons and

sort of many different things

and anyone who's watching this live will

be able to ask any questions and yeah so

what I'm going to do now is pass over to

split your gaming and he's going to talk

about sort of what he does on the

platform and why he does it

I hope you can all hear me


so for me I use Roblox for

a clever variety of different reasons

obviously the main one being to make

games it's kind of the main purpose of

the platform and everything but there's

kind of so much more to

the platform when you actually do

develop it because it's a lot more

powerful than what you kind of

I guess would use when you're younger

perhaps like you play a game like

Minecraft for example and why you do



freedom to do stuff you're still heavily

restricted but with Roblox there's so

much more available to you to use and I

really like that freedom to kind of

build whatever you can kind of think of

it's great

yeah I'll definitely agree with you it

is like such a great tool for people to


um so what I'm going to do is ask you a

few questions and then just answer them

however you would like and yeah if we go

from there if anyone's in the chat it's

all free to ask any questions and we

will definitely cover anything you may


so the first question I have is What

attracted you to using Roblox initially

that's a very good question it's

actually quite a while ago that I

started using Roblox it was actually

yourself that got me into using it

because I can remember


I remember you showing me something very

kind of basic yeah kind of a few years

ago now and I believe if I can remember

correctly it was actually fireworks


I think at the time you even yourself

you weren't that kind of

experienced with the actual developing

side of the platform and you were kind

of you found this out for yourself and

you've been using it and you showed it

to me and I was like oh my God there's

so much you can do like

even this just simple thing requires you

to program it but it's not like place a

block in and it does it all for you

actually have to sit there and program

every little bit yourself and I really

like that ability to

do what you want it's like I said a

minute ago it's it's the freedom to


create something of your imagination

yeah definitely so as you mentioned it

was I think it was sort of developing

fireworks and getting to know the

platform but even then I knew very

little about Roblox nothing since then

both of us have learned so many

different things

yeah okay and so my next question is how

has Roblox improved to help you develop

your game making skills so like what

features have they adding and things

like that

um I mean there's been loads I couldn't

even sit here and miss them all there's

been loads of stuff added

um I can remember one of the main things

that were added was things like

proximity promise which really kind of

revolutionized game development because

it's just it was such an easy tool to

create client server interactions and

make a hazard developer it made your

life a lot easier and it was just kind

of that was just one of the many things

that kind of got added that were really

really unique to the game and really

really helpful for developers it's just

so many things got have been added since

both of us started and they've all been

but I'd say probably 95 of them have

been really really positive changes and

I think probably majority of them we

have used at some point or another

yeah definitely there's been loads of

like different features and all of them

have been helpful at some point and the

proximity prompts I think we've used the


yeah definitely yeah actually you can

use it for anything like I'll use we

could use it for a ride or open doors or

pretty much anything you have so much

freaking with it which when it first

came out it looked like oh it was only

for one set thing

um but yeah it sort of opened up to many

different things

so my next question is what challenges

have you faced being a game developer

like what bugs have you had and how did

you overcome them

oh the lift is endless literally


hey I can take movie world as a good


so even just making things for that like

with our data system that we have I

won't go too in depth into it but the

amount of bugs that I encountered making

that and the amount of times I had to

rewrite code and rewrite it again and

rewrite it again just to make

potentially even one simple thing work

but that's that's kind of one of the the

things that you


I guess you ex you have to expect those

sort of things when you're building or

programming anything you have to expect

these bugs and it really is just a case

of trial and error with any of it it

really is

yeah it's right could they've been many

different issues I think you've had I've

had it just makes it you have to stop

and really think about how do I overcome

this issue or what we're causing it in

the first grade

and I think one of my most common ways

of overcoming bugs was leaving it for a

couple days and going back to it on a

fresh mind yeah that definitely helps a

lot that's always the typical way it

always works sure yeah yeah yeah you you

always see something that you didn't

previously see yeah

okay and so my next question is sort of

an off-topic question about not really

game developing but it's how do you

think Roblox could be used as a tool for

education so some examples of what it

could be used for how it could be


um well I mean I know Roblox have a

whole Education website just to show off

what you can actually do but like from

my perspective

it's a really valuable tool for

expressing your imagination


and you can really like you you could go

into like a school of say young

teenagers and none of them could know

anything about game development in the

slightest and you could put Roblox in

front of them and give them say a half

an hour lesson on how to use it in a

basic sense and by the end of the half

an hour lesson I can guarantee they'd be

able to make at least something

decent so maybe like a very basic house

for example because at the end of the

day it's just parts that you place

resize and move to where you want them

so obviously there's a lot more to it

than that when you go more in depth but

from an education point of view you can

really like start with the basics and

it's really good for people that want to

learn how to get into game development

because it shows them that almost like a

more simplified version with a really

good transition into the more complex

stuff all within the one platform and I

really like that

suppose so there's many different things

that could be used for if you make

children but it's like many people just

think oh Roblox is a video game platform

and that's all it's designed for but in

some ways if you could use it for more

educational things like the programming

part it could be really beneficial to

many different people

yeah yeah when you get people that are

like oh you play Roblox and they really

think they think it's just like a kids

game and at the end of the day a lot of

the games that are actually on the

platform might be targeted along towards

the younger audience because it's where

the money comes from but when you

actually sit behind and make those games

there's a lot more to it than what most

people realize

yeah because it's sort of like you

mentioned younger games could get more

money but at the end of the game making

games aren't for the money if you enjoy

making games if you enjoy doing things

on a Roblox perhaps almost guessing

that'd be a good place to be and I do

recommend anyone if they're thinking

about starting Studio or just try it

like there's no wrong way or right way

to do Roblox Studio you can do anything

you want and be as creative as you want

to be

and but that's hopefully gone to my next

question so do you have any advice for

those interested in the making Roblox


um no I would learn the language the

programming language lower you a little

bit before

you start because it's really helpful

even if you only want to do sort of

basic stuff it's really good to kind of

learn how the language Works a bit


just so that you have that understanding

if you do want to create something

simple and then I'd also suggest be very

familiar with the developer

documentation because it is a lifesaver

like if you don't know how to use

something you can look on there and a

lot of the time it will have basic

examples of stuff and it's really really

good because you can sit there try it

and think right well this is how this


how can I make this my own and then you

can tweak things around and play with it

to get the output that you want and from

that you learn actually how to do things

so when you're using like a feature say

like a particle emitter

you sit there and you Tinker with the

settings and like changing one setting

might completely change how it looks

like it might completely change the

direction it's going or whatever but

it's from that little bits of tinkering

that you learn right this is what this

does this is what that does and you do

that with multiple different things and

you learn through trial and error same

with programming actually how everything


yeah definitely select the go forward

and all of these sort of places on

Roblox is really helpful because many

people sort of don't think

or with a sort of wonder where I can get

different resources from

um and yeah it's definitely a good place

to do it on

um so moving on to my next question it's

going to be I know I got you into sort

of Roblox itself but what got you into

the actual game making part so what sort

of inspired you because you think oh I

want to start making physical games on


and that's a good question I think once

you've kind of showed me that basic

firework example


I think I kind of took that in my own

sense put that on my own sort of game

and just sort of like try to understand

how everything works I was like this you

could this could be the start of

something really really good and if I

sit here and play around with this over

time I'm going to learn more and more

and I'm still learning stuff to this day

there's stuff that I don't know how to

do on the platform when I look it up I'm

like oh that's how you do it

but it really was that initial


you showed me what the platform that

what it is and what you can do with it

and be looking at thinking you can

actually do so much with this because

it's not

just block programming or very limited

restricted programming you actually have

the freedom to do a lot so you can

really express your imagination to as

much as you want

yeah so yeah the fireworks it's like a

really good example because one of the

main things both the boss did was

program like our own mini fireworks show

um and within that it sort of allowed us

to develop how to use party coil mixes

how to programming lower you because

from either of us really knew anything

about programming and we sort of

developed our skills from there to gain

so much more

so moving on from that question my

English question to you is going to be

what projects are you most proud of

creating so out of everything you've

done on Roblox Studio what do you think

is your best creation


oh that's a that's a good question

because I've done I've made so many

little random things here and there and

every single one I've been

very proud of but if it's going to be

anything it probably would be some of

the stuff that I made on Movie World

um because some of it is so

complex I guess


it's it's kind of like

this has taken me weeks to make and then

when the moment that it fully works out

any issues it's like oh my god I've

actually done it it's great and there's

been quite a few moments like that on

movie world because it is at the end of

the day it's our biggest game

um everything else I've made in the past

has either not been released or it's

just been to play around with trying to

understand how things work but movie was

that one game where it's like

this is out to the public everything has

to work it's the moment that does work

it's really really good

yeah definitely because movie worlds

will sort of we've worked on lots of

different games before but movie worlds

is both of our biggest game

and there's so much within it and people

may think oh it's just sort of like a

basic theme park for example but we've

learned so much from that and since we

first started the game we've learned so

many more skills we're starting to put

it in other projects and helping people

much more which we wouldn't have been

able to do probably if we didn't even

start this project up again


so my next question is

what are your thoughts on the future of

Roblox so how do you think it's going to

impact gaming and development and talk

about the upcoming changes do you think

it will improve the platform and if so


I would hope it improves the platform I

really do I mean there's as we've said

earlier there's lots and lots of new

features kind of always coming but in

terms of the game industry in itself I

don't know because

Roblox in itself is a game at the end of

the day it's treated as a game on its

own and then you have all of these other



kind of out there making Standalone

games and they do make

a lot of profit from it so you look at a

game franchise like Five Nights at

Freddy's it's had gone those how many

games in the series and they've all been

so successful

but then you compare to Roblox and

Roblox as a platform is insanely

successful but then you actually have to

look at the individual games with the in

Roblox and think right what how

successful are these compared to the

Standalone game franchises and that's

where it gets a bit more interesting

because even if you have a popular game

in within Roblox it's still classed as

being Roblox so in some respects

the credit almost comes down to Roblox

rather than developers themselves if you

know what I mean

yeah yeah I totally agree with

everything you've said because

it sort of they've actually Global good

features and many different like big

games outside of Roblox

they're all really successful they're

trying to work out how to sort of keep

it together and yeah

okay so moving on to another question

what are some of your most surprising or

unexpected things you've learned within

Roblox Studio


I don't I don't know

it's another one of those questions

where I'd actually have to kind of sit

and really really think about it

because there's so many kind of little

moments where

that's kind of happened I guess

yeah that's totally fine because yeah

there are probably many different things

if we think about it together that's

bound to be lots of different things

okay so in your journey as being a sort

of Roblox game developer have you ever

sort of encountered a breakthrough

moment where you didn't realize that's

how you do something and because of that

it's totally improved the game and make

the game better

oh yeah definitely definitely I mean

again I can't rename any examples but

but yeah I've definitely had I've

definitely had that happen to me before

even like movie was again is a very good

example of that like I've been making

stuff and then I've looked something up

on how to do something I'm like oh my

God that's how you do it more like

efficiently or that's how it's like

faster or that's how it looks better and

it's just

revolutionary in your own mind almost

because you're like how have I never

known about this before

yeah definitely there's like many

different things or sort of one because

I wonder how I do that and then I've

sounded one girl I was like oh is it

really that sort of simple but I thought

it was going to be a lot harder than

that and it sort of you realize after a

while and it's just I wish I knew that

scene sort of thing

so moving on to another question

what do you see that's apart a

successful game within the Roblox



it's it's in my opinion that there's a

variety of things so the first one is

the design how does the game actually

look when you're playing it so if you go

onto a game that's got minimal kind of

creativity I guess so

if there's no real thought to design

like it's just a part placed you're in a

part place there there's no thought out

color scheme or anything like that

people might like it because it might

that might be the style of the game but

if you're just throwing parts around for

the sake of it you're not going to

create something that actually looks

good like there are games out there on

the platform that have been very

successful but look really simplistic

um there are there are quite a few games

like that but they've done well because

they've still the person the people the

people who have made it have still sat

there and thought about right

what can I do to actually make this look

appealing so you could make a game look

almost really bad but really good at the

same time if you kind of understand what

I'm saying it's

it's one of those things where it's like

you've got to design the game to fit

what you what the game's about it's like

with the theme park for example you

can't just have like a basic part here

part there sort of gray all-around look

you've got to have that high detail

creative color potentially colorful look

because at the end of the day theme

parks are built with

kind of different areas to them so your

theme is going to be changing throughout

if you stick to the one theme throughout

the entire park people are going to get

very bored of it very quickly but if you

actually make each little bit in itself

unique to what it's about then it looks

really really good

the second kind of thing that I'd say is

really what really makes game Stand Out

is how it functions so what what is your

experience as a user and whether that's

like a good or a bad thing so this kind

of comes down to potentially how the

story plays out how it's been programmed

little things like this so if you've got

a game that um

like let's take a Story game for example

you're kind of walking through and a

really bad jumpscare happens because a

really badly designed character just

appears in front of you it might scare

you but it's not going to look

impressive whereas if it's been

programmed to like actually jump out of

a hole in the floor and it's all


then it's gonna look really really good

and it's gonna be those little things

like the user's like wow that actually

looked really good and that scared me

and it looks really good so that that

really makes

games different and again I've I've

played like a story game in the past

where I've seen examples of both of

these things so it's like a horror game

specifically I've seen it where you have


blank ragdolls just appear in front of

you to Giant jump scare you and while it

might work it doesn't look that

impressive because it's it looks a bit

lazy in a sense because they've just

gone programmers just gone right well

I'm just going to make this appear in

front of you rather than say make it

burst through a window and like collapse

in front of you if you know what I'm

getting out there

yeah definitely that's all there's many

different ways you could do it and

because you said about the jump scares

you can do it in a sort of basic way or

an advanced way and both of those waves

may work for different people it sort of

depends on the person but yeah it's

definitely very good points you've made


another question

how do you manage to stay motivatives

and continue creating games on Roblox

because one of the many things sort of

people say is oh I've burnt out from

making games or I'm getting bored of

making games but how do you stay

motivating on creating them

I mean admittedly I do get very bored

with doing stuff sometimes and I do take

breaks from game developing and I think

that's the kind of the way that you that

I deal with it if I was to sit and go on

Roblox Studio every single day of my

life and program something after a week

I'd be bored and I would probably leave

the platform for months at that point so

I have to kind of always Pace myself I

have to a little bit hear a little bit

there do something else different

completely different so it might be like

but at half the day I did a bit of I do

a bit of game developing you know I

program something new or built something

new then I'll go and play a Roblox game

or I'll go and play a completely

different game or I'll do some website

development and I think just having that

kind of

almost random mix of things to do is

what allows me to stay

focused with the platform because

if you just stick to one thing solidly

you're gonna get bored a bit very


so adding that kind of Randomness we're

not even necessarily random but just


different different things to do to

occupy your time it really really helps

yeah definitely I think one of the many

things I've had before was yeah sort of

being burnt out you want to bring out an

update and you've worked on it so much

you just feel so tired from doing it and

people may think oh it may just be me

but I guarantee you there's so many

people which may feel burnt out and if

you're starting to feel burnt out I

would say just take a small break and

sort of play games or do something you

enjoy doing and maybe just sort of relax

from developing for a couple days or

even a couple weeks if you feel like you

need to

um no one's going to force you to come

on it and at the end of the day it falls

as long as you're okay you feel okay

it's definitely good to try and take a

break whenever

so short for mini Point acting onto that

have you ever sort of faced any setbacks

or disappointments when working on a

Roblox game for example you're missing a

feature or something you want isn't on


definitely definitely 100

um there's a there's a game obviously

that we're kind of working on at the

moment where one of the features

actually there was a feature that got

brought out about two days after we

started making it


and that was it was really helpful but

had we not had this

um feature kind of come out

it would have been very difficult for us

to make the game


so yeah it's very


yeah it was awesome it was the drug

detector oh it was something similar to


um yeah but it was uh when it came out

it sort of meant

um instead of trying a program listing

up a part or moving it around this new

feature that came out sort of completely

changed the game for us and it saved for

so many hours and because of that our

developed them has gone so much quicker

on this upcoming game


while learning sort of programming and

building is there anything you've

learned On Studio or on Roblox itself

which you've been able to use on other

platforms just sort of from the

knowledge of Roblox


programming wise I'd say no because

the language that Roblox uses liver you

it's a very very heavily modified

version of Lua and it means you can't

really just use that on another thing

like you you've learned lure in a sense

but at the end of the day most games

won't use lure probably the main thing

that I've taken away from Roblox that

I've used in other things is a design


so you create something

let's say a building a modern building

and you realize right well this shape

look if I do this sort of shape to make

it look modern and I've kind of put

these pieces together and I think those

together work or those kind of colors

and those sort of looks it looks really

good together you can take that sort of

design element away from the platform

and use it on other things so if you're

playing other games that have that

creative aspect you can think

right well I want to make something kind

of that looks modern and I know from

doing Roblox game development that this

sort of shape looks really really nice

very desperately because there's sort of

many different things you can take from

it and if you mentioned like the

creative part you can use it pretty much

anywhere even trying a plan out how to

use it on sort of about other things

they're working on getting up there

so moving on from that topic Roblox is

sort of known as a platform for younger

people and by younger people are sort of

being underage things in a way

but what do you think is one of the

biggest advantages of using Roblox as a

platform for games development compared

to sort of like alternative competitors

because of the younger audience


well I mean you kind of got the audience

already sorted out for you so if you're

making like a game safer


I don't know let's say under under tens

your audience is kind of already there

for you so rather than like if you make

a game a standalone game you then gonna

get it onto a platform where you can

kind of advertise it and allow people to

buy the game or get the game however it

might be done

um and it can be a lot harder to then

advertise that whereas Roblox you can

kind of publish the game all of that

bits done for you you can advertise the

game in whatever way you want you can

pay for the game to be advertised you

don't have to but you can

um you can put it out there you can

share it with people really easily

because all they have to do is log in

and just press play and it does

everything for them so if you're

appealing to that younger audience it's

really good because it means they're not

gonna have to then try and download that

game and it's also it's also really

beneficial from like a platform

perspective so you can publish to PC

Mobile tablet VR Xbox

all in one go without having to do kind

of anything different whereas if you

were making like a standalone game

you're gonna have to program different

things for each platform so like if

you're you have to program something

different for PC than you would for

phone and then that takes up even more

time even more effort and it makes

everything a lot more difficult so using

Roblox is really good because you

publish the one version and it works and

all the platforms and like from a young

person's perspective so if you've got

like a child that say five years old

using Roblox chance I probably don't

already have ROBLOX downloaded on their

phone or on their tablet or whatever

and so I'm one of their friends and I go

oh I played this game on Roblox recently

and they can say the game's called such

and such that a person can then go on to

Roblox on their own device and look up

your game and just play it with a click

of a button and it's easy don't have to

install anything new or do anything

literally just have to press play

yeah definitely they're sort of mainly

different ways or different ways to

advertise your game even to friends and

I think both of us have done it before

or we've seen a game we've mentioned you

get to some of our friends for example

oh I've seen this game and it sort of

spreads it to other people and it's a

good way which you can't really do on

other platforms

um so a similar topic and the next

question for it will be what do you

think roblox's impact is being on about

the game in Industry as a whole because

I think the most recent stats sort of

showed robots is one of the biggest

gaming platforms ever made

yeah I mean I don't keep up with gaming

I don't really keep up with news that

much to be honest I don't know too many

details but from what I do know I know

recently Roblox is it's getting up there

in like one of the most used game

platforms it's not quite at the top yet

because I know games like Minecraft are

up at the very very top as being like

the most downloaded or the most brought

games and I know Roblox is very very

slowly catching up

um but from whatever like I said from

what I kind of do now I know it is

starting to make a very big impact and

people are starting to hear about it

more and more you'll get kind of these

other developers that build Standalone

games and they're like some of them will

be like oh watch Roblox I've never heard

of that before and then it's getting to

the point more and more now whether like

you say have you ever used Roblox and

they're like yeah I mean I've kind of

experimented on around with it and I've

kind of moved away from

the Standalone game development to my

experimented with Roblox a bit and that

is because it's becoming so much bigger

definitely because I think when I joined

my platform which is a scary thought

almost nine years ago

um it changed so much and I remember it

sort of being a oh it was a fun game to

play but now it's sort of

so many people pretty much everyone I've

spoken to have heard of the platform

and that topic sort of moves on to our

sort of a nice topic and a nice question

so are there any particular game

developers on Roblox or creatives that

have inspired you to sort of use the



I don't know really because when I first

started using Roblox it wasn't so much

for the developing I mean my very very

first experience of the platform was you

showing me the fireworks but from that

point onwards I didn't dive too much

into the developing side I did

experiment around a little bit here and

there but I realized like there's so

many games on here that I can play so

easily and I kind of took almost months

um after that and I was just just

playing games constantly like getting a

feel for the platform and what it was

like so in in terms of like is there

anyone specifically that's inspired

inspired me I'd probably say no


I haven't really like

the thing is you get these people making

games but they don't really share how

they've done it or what they've

kind of done to make their game or how

they've got to that point so it's it's

very difficult because you can't almost

look up to someone like you can see

they've created this game but there's no

almost backstory to it you kind of can't

put yourself in their shoes and think


I've created this really good game

um and like how they or they've created

this really good game how can I do that

myself because you're still at the same

point that you started out because you

still you've still gotta make everything

yourself because they don't just tell

you what they're gonna do and it's fair

enough but it's it's a very difficult

one to say like all such and such has

inspired me because

have they really inspired you like

unless you know the person or have

spoken to the person it's very difficult

to say someone's actually inspired you

especially when they've not like told

anyone like what they did for their game

how they came up with it or they've not

like kind of said anything because kind

of what you'll find is a lot of

developers will almost hide in the

shadows like they'll make the game and

they'll release it but they won't really

do anything other than that they won't

kind of go out there and say we're

showing you kind of our step-by-step

process on how to make a game or we're

showing you what gave us the idea to do

it a lot of developers don't do that and

unless you have that kind of say to them

you can't really say they've inspired


yeah I suppose there's some very valid

points in there and yeah I suppose we

can't sort of picker

developer but if you can't call pick a

developer would you say you have a sort

of favorite game on Roblox and if so

what sort of makes it stand out compared

to all of the other I think there's like

almost a billion games on the platform


um I mean I don't have a favorite game I

play lots and lots of different games

constantly like my history over the last

30 days is just loads of different

things to keep myself entertained

um but they're the same thing that

you'll see pretty much throughout all of

them is something I said earlier about

what makes a game

so good

it's that kind of well thought out

design like does the game fit its theme

does the design fit its theme does it

have that really good user experience is

it kind of polished off on the top does

it look clean when you play it does it

feel clean when you play it if you kind

of get where I'm coming from with that

there's so many games on the platform I

suppose it is very difficult to pick out

and get jacked again

so we've been getting you completed all

the questions

um and we're thinking of two more left

in any questions people may have in the


um but what do you hope to achieve or

create in the future on Roblox


well I mean at the moment movie world is

our kind of biggest thing and I really

want to


that game a real good polish up on the

top like I've I've sat down and thought

like how can we actually make this game

better and I've come up with a few ideas

but it's it's actually sitting there and

doing that

um takes so much time that we've not

actually been able to do it so I would

love to be able to kind of implement

um all of these things that we've kind

of sat down and thought about into the

movie world or even use them in new

games and start when we start from from

scratch really think how can we make

this the best it can possibly be how can

we almost polish it off now and not have

to do it later and that doing that on

movie world and any future games that we

make would really make me very happy

yeah definitely they're sort of many

different things

and yeah it's sort of it's be surprising

how the future can definitely come with

what we create

so sort of one of the final questions

I'm going to ask you is if you could gag

any feature on the platform what feature

would you add and sort of why would you

add it


I mean there's a lot of things which I

would like to have on Roblox but I think

some of the

one of the main things would be the

ability to simplify parts of it down

where possible so sometimes what you'll

find when programming

um is you want to do something very

simple and it actually takes quite a big

chunk of code to do it so things like

get trying to get like a key press from

a keyboard on a computer it isn't just

like one line of code to say like when

this keeps pressed do this you actually

have to sit there and be like when a key

is pressed check what key that is and if

it is this key then do this and I think

having some simpler ways to do things

like that would be really great because

even like using the key press example

you can't do that when you're

scripture on the server because it makes

sense because your server can't listen

for all of your kind of clients doing

that but if there was perhaps a Sim

simpler way for

the server and the client to almost

communicate something like that that

would be great so you could just put

something very simple on the client and

have that very easily kind of come back

across to the server and that really

helps when you're coming down to like

anti-exploit stuff and just making the

game function better for everybody

yeah definitely and I think sort of

robots are planning on so many new

features in the future I'm so excited to

see what will be coming in literally a

couple months even they've been out so

many new things and pretty much every

update they thought out has been really

beneficial at the new Lewis app which

they bought out they've just

feature for being able to add custom

images onto that speech bubbles and

things and all of the features have been

so perfect and nice and I'm sort of

really excited to see like if we were to

redo this event next year for example

when we can talk about how much you've

changed because I expect tons of things

will change

so those were all of my questions

if anyone else has any questions left

in the chats all free to say anything

but if no one else has any questions

I want to thank do you see your time

split your gaming and I hope everyone

has a very good day

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