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Event Archive: The Roblox Behind Cars on Roblox Ft. Mechatricon (Discussion Only)

Posted Jul 21, 2023 | Views 15.7K
Speaker @ Mechatricon

Our mission is to ignite curiosity, inspire creativity, and foster a deep appreciation for robotics and engineering among our viewers, especially fellow teenagers.

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Event Organizer @ Roblox

I'm Bestin! I am the Lead Programmer on Drift Paradise and a curious developer, here on Roblox. Through my Events, I want my viewers to have deeper insight into Roblox Development and learn how to expand and work on their experiences effectively.

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The Roblox Behind Cars on Roblox explores both the engineering and the roblox-production side behind creating car-based games on the platform.

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Simulated Engineering on Roblox Ft. Mechatricon
Posted Jul 14, 2023 | Views 18.1K
# Development
# Game Design
# User Experience
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