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Clothing Workshop, and Q&A (ft. SebasCreations)

Posted Dec 27, 2023 | Views 15.9K
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Event Organiser @ Roblox

I am an Event Organiser for Roblox, and a developer that's experienced in many programming languages. I am known for my games such as MovieWorld and TM123 Studios.

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I am an Event Organiser for Roblox, and a developer that's experienced in many programming languages. I am known for my games such as MovieWorld and TM123 Studios.

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User @ Creator Community

Clothing Designer 🎨 Salient/Universal Roblox

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Clothing Designer 🎨 Salient/Universal Roblox

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A recording with me, Cedar, and SebasCreations for a cool clothing workshop where you'll learn how to make awesome 2D clothing on Roblox.

During this event, you learnt the design process, from start to finish. We covered everything from the basic template to mastering the art of layering and adding a texture!

After the workshop, there was a Q&A session where you could ask SebasCreations anything you want about his history with groups like Salient and Universal Roblox.

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hello everyone and welcome to today's

event my name is Cedar and today's event

will be a clothing workshop with the

awesome SebasCreations so I'm going to

pass on over to him and we will begin oh

wow thank you for that

introduction what what's up guys um as

he said today we're going to be doing

some uh some learning so uh take notes

get ready um

I uh I've been designing well I designed

uh clothing 2D clothing specifically on

Roblox for I think it's it's like 3

years total um I stopped recently uh

just because I got busy with college and

things like that but I'm glad to to be

back here to kind of you know show you

guys a little bit because I don't feel

like there's enough uh things out there

to to to to Really teach someone who's

who's who's just getting into it so um

here's our schedule for

today um we're going to start off with a

stepbystep uh kind of like instructional

thing on how to make a basic shirt so

this is like a 101 Workshop it's going

to be really basic uh we're not going to

get into like the super detailed stuff

but it should be enough to build a nice

foundation for you all uh second we're

going to go back into some of my more

complex designs and go layer by layer um

and I'm going to kind of explain how I

went about making them um so that should

be cool and at the end we'll have a Q&A

if anyone has any questions or if you

need any clarification on anything that

I said during the actual Workshop so

let's uh let's hop into it

um the first thing you're going to want

to download is um the template so you

can download this straight off the

Roblox website I this is the link up

here uh but if you just look up Roblox

clothing template on Google it'll show

up um get it off of the official Roblox

website because if you download it off

of Google or something it might be the

wrong dimensions and then you wasted

your time designing something that's the

wrong size um so here you go um we're

going to get into this later but uh

something that's really important um

when designing 2D clothing is is

visualizing how the template uh folds

and ends up on the character especially

with um

R15 uh which

uh came out a few years ago uh so the

the you have shirts and pants they're

the exact same template the only

difference and the only reason why

Roblox provided two here is to show you

how they fold separately on this little

uh image here but they're the same exact

template um same dimensions same

everything you're just looking at it a

different way and um when you upload it

to the website you'll specify whether

it's shirts or pants and it'll tell

Roblox how to treat it and we'll talk

about that soon so the next thing we're

just going to do one more thing before

we hop into the step by step is that um

we're going to need uh

texturing so um texturing is something

that's really important um it really

gives you the finishing touch on your

design um it's really hard to create

your own one is something that's very

Advanced um it's not something that I

would advise a beginner to do but if you

want to go for it but um we are lucky

enough to have uh this

uh uh this nice uh developer on the dev

forum who created a uh totally copyright

free to use um copyright free free to

use a pack of different styles of

texturing and shading that you can

download and they're highres they're

really cool and I encourage all of you

to go ahead and download this pack

because this is awesome uh like set is

free to use and you have a lot of

different options

um yeah so all right so download this

pack because we're going to be using it

um if you're following this step by step

on the recording or

something and uh let's do this so all

right first thing you're going to notice

is that this template that I have open

here is different from this one just

because this one already has all like

the middle parts cut out and um by the

way let me just say this before I forget

I'm using Photoshop that's the software

that we're

using everything that we're going to

cover today I'm sure can be done in

different on on on most photo editing

softwares I know a lot of people who use

Windows prefer because it's

free um to name a few others there's um

a web free version of a Photoshop called

photopia which some of our s designers

use um which works perfectly fine so I

just happen to have Photoshop but I will

be explaining how to do certain things

in different software so we're covering

the basics today so that shouldn't be a

problem all right so yeah uh I cut out

all the little middle parts here from

the design because that's where the

actual shirt is going to

go and I just um recolored like the

surrounding area doesn't really matter

that's just a personal preference that I

hold uh you can do that by doing some

sort of col color overlay and then um

using the magic wand tool or like a

rectangular selection to cut out this

just make sure you're being precise with

your your your cuts and that you're not

cutting into the template or out of the

template so that you don't have any like

leftover green or red showing up but

yeah this is the template it's the same

thing it's the same size um it's a

pretty small file uh just because

they're low res but um you know just

make sure you have that it's like 58

look it up it's like 580 by 540 or

something like that or no it's a square

so it's should be like 585 by 585 don't

quote me on that but anyway so here we

go um let's start by making a shirt so

what we're going to be making today is a

a t-shirt so a short sleeve uh with a

logo in the middle um so kind of like we

can Envision this as being uh

merchandise for a game or for your group

or something like that or maybe you're

doing a commission and someone wants


so the first thing we're going to do

when we hop into here um is create a


so I would suggest I actually I wouldn't

suggest I would implore you to work

every do everything under the template

because you're not going to have

spillage if it's under the template

so uh we're going to start off by

creating a shape so

most photo editing if not all photo

editing softwares have this um where you

can just create a shape like as a circle

a triangle a polygon rectangle whatever

um and so we're going to start off by

creating a rectangle so let's visualize

this this is the the Torso and then

these are the arms okay this is the left

arm and this is the right arm so to make

a shirt we want to cover the whole torso

and since we're doing a short sleeve we

want to you know if this is an arm we

want to get like a third of the way

there so let me show you what I'm

talking about let's start off by making

this uh a white shirt with no stroke and

then here we go so I'm creating the


here and this is about 2/3 of the way

there it looks good for a a a short

sleeve so we're going to create that

shape all right we have this shape um

but it still doesn't look like a shirt

and this is where what I said earlier

about visualizing what it's going to end

up looking like comes into play it's

something that takes practice if you're

ever doubting what something is going to

look like once this uploaded to the

website you can test it on Roblox studio

and there's a bunch of tutorials for

that online but um yeah okay next thing

we're going to want on this is a collar

and since Photoshop is a pain in the

butt um we need to rasterize the layer

before we cut a hole into it and if your

software does the same then

uh do that okay and if if that didn't

make any sense to you don't worry

because you probably don't need to worry

about it all right so we're GNA I'm

going to do an elliptical selection here

and I'm just going to kind of like guess

what a color should look

like it's really about

like doing it a few times seeing which

one comes out best see how I'm like

redrawing it because I'm not liking how

it's coming out um and to be honest uh I

used to worry about centering it I

honestly I just eyeball it now um

especially since I I feel like I have

enough experience to know if it's

centered or not and at the end of the

day it doesn't really matter if it looks

good right uh but you can Center if you

want but for the sake of this tutorial

I'm not going to worry about making it

perfectly on Center okay so that looks

good uh just to guide you through here

this is the top of the Torso so this is

going to be like where the head is so

the head is going to be covering most of

this we're just putting a hole in it

just in case they have a really small

head and you can see it um and that's

something you have to consider for

different kind of Avatar uh

Styles and then this right here is like

the little neckline little collar that's

going to appear on the the chest area of

the Torso okay so I'm pretty satisfied

with this shape you can you know keep

trying make sure you get one that you

like but I'm pretty satisfied so I'm

going to go ahead and press delete to

cut a hole into it all right let's zoom

out see where we're at


looking good to me um another thing I

would mention right now there's two

kinds of things uh that we can

do here and I know that a lot of people

use paint. net so I'm just going to

cover this there's a setting called anti

um Alias

anti-alias and

um depending on whether it's enabled or

disabled you're going to get either a

harsh kind of selection here I'll show

you an example you're going to get a

horse selection see here's the

anti-alias we turn it off there boom so

when it's off you're going to get that

kind of

harsh uh edges some people like that I

don't so I'm going to turn it on and

when you turn on

anti-alias once again most photo editing

softwares have this uh feature when you

turn it on it kind of like Fades the

pixels to make it smoother so I like to

have it on you could have it off if you

want but I just wanted to mention that

because a lot of people don't know that

that's a thing all right so there's our

uh our collar it's looking good now um

but not too

good so the next thing I typically do

with these kinds of things is that I add

a a texture to the actual shape that is

our shirt and there's different ways you

can do this I normally start by adding

noise so on Photoshop you go up to



um matter of fact I'm going to go noise

and then go add noise and then again has this you might need to

download a plugin depending on the

software you have but I promise you you

you'll be able to figure it out noise is

is pretty pretty basic um and I add

noise here so now it it's starting to

look like like actual Fabric and not

just a bunch of white pixels um if

realis is what you're going for and

we're going to assume that's what we're

going for on this one right here so you

can play around with this a lot of

people might go like oh the more the

better right let's go to like 15 and

make it look like that I disagree I

think when it comes to design a lot of

what ends up working is like the

subtlety so I I go like I'm going to go

as low as I think like five so you can

barely see it barely make it out but

it's just enough for you to see that

it's not a white shirt see it's like

made of fabric

because real fabric isn't Pure White

nothing in real life is pure white so

there you go that's that's the noise

that kind of like adds

little uh darker pixels throughout okay

so it's looking better looking better uh

let's go ahead and add in our logo so

you're going to want to get a

transparent PNG depending on what what

you want to be on the shirt um whatever

your client wants to be on the shirt um

for this tutorial we're going to use the

Roblox Creator events logo and we're

going to make a shirt for that so I'm

just going to drag and drop this right

here I already had it

um and you can see that I actually was

practicing this design yesterday so

let's go ahead and disable those effects

real quick uh all right so this is our

our our logo here and as you can see it

came in white um it's not ideal

typically if you're going to make a

shirt you're going to want to ask

whoever's logo it is to send it to you

in black but it's fine because we can

create a color overlay um and to do that

um on

Photoshop uh you're going to double

click on the layer and then go to the

effects and then press color overlay and

then you can just like change the color

whatever um this you it should be the

same on um it just might be in

a different spot of the program um but

conceptually should should be the same

so there we go uh We've created a color

overlay of black and um yeah so we made

it a black logo on top of the white

shirt the next thing I'm going to do to

blend it into the fabric that we like

the noise texture that we created is

adjust the opacity so this is what it

looks like at 100% um this is what it

looks like at zero we want to find kind

of a sweet

spot whatever we think looks best um

to to create this so we can even go if

we're going for a light gray we can even

go as low as like 25 and we see how that

you can see through it it Blends in but

for our purposes I think we're going to

go on the darker

side and um when adjusting like numbers

I like to do multiples of five just

because it simplifies things you don't

have to it's just a personal preference

um and we're just going to you know

adjust just you know uh zoom out see how

we're liking it um that's looking better

I think uh Let's

do let's go a little darker I think

let's go to 60 multiples of five like I

said or

65 all right that's cool I think I'm

going to roll with that so that is our

logo right there uh the next thing

you're going to want to do once you get

do that is um resize it is what I

typically do next

so um a lot of people that I see on the

website have logos that are like this

big on their shirts because they're like

oh yeah look you can see it it's good

but that's not what real shirts are like

and if we're going for a more of like a

realistic uh refined design we want to

make it better and another thing you

have to consider is that with

R15 um The Hip there's guidelines for

this online that you can see but the hip

um starts more or less like here so if

the hip starts here and our logo looks

like that the Creator events is being

cut off and you're not going to be able

to read it and um and you can test this

for yourself by by plugging it into


studio um okay so this pink line here is

the mathematical Center but since we

kind of eyeballed it I'm going to center

it to the collar and not the actual

mathematical Center um no one's going to

notice it's very subtle but if you want

to mathematically Center you can um okay

so I'm going to resize this I'm going

make it small like we said less is more

when it comes to design and I'm not

going to put it in the middle of the

shirt uh vertically

speaking because like we said the hip

starts here for R15

avatars and most games now are R15

so I'm going to want to put it around

here and it also if you notice on real

shirts in real life if you have a

Graphic T the the design isn't

vertically centered you have a lot of

leeway down here so we're going to go uh

with that right there I'm liking how

that's looking um yeah that's a good

size for me I think uh so we're going

to let's let's make it a little bigger

and we're going to leave it there let's

see zoom out boom I like that I like

that all right uh next thing we're going

to do is something that I do with all

anything I put on a shirt I like to add

a little bit of a uh drop shadow to it

so I'm going to go back again in

Photoshop you go to the effects panel um

in I don't know if you have an

effects panel or oh I believe it's a

plugin on uh but I'll show you

an alternative way to do it anyways in a

second but we're going to add this drop

shadow and what this does is that it it

it we're trying to blend this into the

shirt right we're not trying to make it

look like it's just a PNG on top of

another PNG we want this to look like

it's all one cohesive thing so the

shadow kind of helps us do that it makes

it look like it's printed on the actual

uh shirt that we're doing

here so again we want to be very very

delicate with this very subtle with it

um because we don't want it to look like

that right or like that so I'm going to

be very very careful

here and I'm just going to play around

with the different

settings until we get something that we

like and a cool thing is that you can

disable it and enable it and see the

difference it made this is a little too

harsh so I'm going to reduce the opacity

a little

bit I feel like it just elevates your

design so there we go

now that I'm looking at it I think we

want to put this down a little bit

okay looks good to me again this is just

a basic shirt so nothing crazy all right

um let me talk about an alternative way

of making Shadow just in case your

software let me just duplicate this

layer just in case your software doesn't

have a built-in Shadow feature or you

don't want to download plugins let me

show you an alternative way to do it so

here we go this is back with no shadow

um what you can do is duplicate it and

then the layer that's below it we can

add a blur to it and I'm pretty

positive that you're going to have a

blur feature on your photo editing

software and if we add a blur to it it

basically acts exactly like a shadow now

the only thing is that since you're

you're adding a layer on top of another

one it's going to darken it a little bit

as you can see you can you know you can

deal with that you can reduce the

opacity and there you go right um but

yeah that's conceptually that's just

what you want to kind of aim for a

shadow is essentially just a blurred

duplicated version of that it's just

that some softwares have like a that

shortcut built in okay so I'm liking


um now we're going to go back to what we

talked about at the beginning uh with

the uh shading that they put on the dev

Forum which I high oh which I highly

recommend you go ahead and download the

one I'm going to be using here is the

one from the dev Forum so

um let's go ahead and check that out so

I'm going to drag my shading in here I

already had it set up for this event but

um you're going to drag it in to your

software and then you're going to uh

enable it all right so it's not going to

look like truthfully it's not going to

look like that um when you drag it in

it's going to look more like that okay

and it might even be bigger than it

needs to be at which point you just have

to resize it right uh and you don't have

to get it exact because we're going to

be reducing the opacity as you saw um

but you just want to get it more or less

there right so it's going to look like

that and I don't know about you but that

just looks way too harsh and way too

stylized and not realistic at all um and

assuming that that's not what we're

going for there's a few things we can do

you can change the blending

mode uh right you can play around with

these like blending modes that you you

know are common on photo editing

softwares I keep saying that but I just

want to reiterate it because there was a

point where I didn't have Photoshop and

I got upset when I saw tutorials that

didn't you know account for people who

didn't have that so let's just let's

just hit it with the normal um blending

mode which is what all all programs are

going to default

to and we can start by just reducing the

opacity right again less is more so we

want to make it very very very subtle

I'm liking like we can even go as as

subtle as this as like four or five you

can go you know that's what it looks

like at 100 so let's just play around

with it see what we like I think I'm

going to stick with

10 I think I like that and then if you

do have the option to this looks good

but if you do have the option to go

around with blending modes you can you

know try different ones blending modes

are essentially just ways that blacks

interacts interact with whites I believe


actually uh don't know like the

technical terminology behind that but

yeah okay so it looks good um we have

one thing left you're probably looking

at this and you're saying Oh okay that's

fine I'm ready to export nope something

that is

very um a very common mistake that I've

done many times is that I forget to oh

sorry about

that I forget to

uh crop the uh the texture


so what that

means for

us is that you may have remembered that

this shading when we dragged it in

reached all the way down

here um because it's assuming you want

to do a long sleeve it's covering the

whole thing for you but we're doing a

short sleeve so we're going to have to

cut that out right and you can just do

this by grabbing a rectangular selection

tool and just cutting it off

right boom right there where the where

the shape ends where the shirt ends oh

sorry about that I had a weird setting

on there pretend that didn't happen

um yeah boom all right there we go so

that's that's the rectangular selection

um you're going to want to cut that out

it's giving me a problem

here Photoshop is weird guys if you have

Photoshop you'd know that if you're on

Photoshop and it happened to you just go

up to layer rasterize and hit uh smart

object and

boom all right boom we cut it out that

was more complicated than it needed to

be but you can blame Photoshop for that

uh I'm pretty sure that doesn't happen

on if it does let me know all

right so there you go we cut off this

part of the design so now we no longer

have shading on the parts where there is

no shirt um but we also have to cut out

this part because there's shading here

as well you can't really see it but it's

there so I'm going to grab another

elliptical selection tool and you know I

there's probably a better way to do this

but I typically just kind of like draw

it like

that I cut it right

there see it's not exact but the opacity

on it is so low that you're not going to


I think that looks pretty cool um if you

want to change the color of the original

shirt go right ahead however you want to

go for that well not probably not that

dark right but we can make it like red

right we can make it blue we can make it

you know what I mean um or if you want

to make it like black right first of all

never make it fully black uh on robloxs

it will come out Roblox darkens

everything so I would suggest if you

want to go for black go for like that

kind of Gray

and then the only thing you want to do

here is just obviously change the color

of the main design to white or something

like that right so there we go and you

might want to consider making the

shading darker but I think that looks

good for now all right so that was the

end um of our step by step I'm going to

pass it back off uh to Cedar real quick

and um

yeah awesome okay thank you for that

amazing tutorial I hope that helped

everyone um as Cass already mentioned um

he's now going to looking to sort of

pass clothing items he's made and sort

break them down into a sort of Showcase

of the different items he've madees so

I'm going to pass back over to him all

right cool um if if I was unclear about

anything by the way throughout the whole

process please uh use the Q&A to to ask

me questions and I'll do my best to

answer them all right let's move on so

as you know I have experiened creating

clothing from before and I have a lot of

stuff in my portfolio so I'm going to go

through some of my old more intricate

designs and you know like like Cedar

said break down uh how I went about it

all right so let's go on to this one

called the uh the Luxe Polo that I did a

while back now the first thing you're

going to notice here that pops out to

you is like oh my gosh the template

looks completely different that's just

my way of of branding my work because

you know I have to send it into Discord

servers to get it uploaded and I want

you know people to know that it's my

design that's not you don't need to

worry about that if you're just starting

out you can make a custom template if

you want to but I just I I want to make

sure that you know that this is the same

thing as that it's just fancier right

like it looks a little nicer um in fact

some people like working in these

because it's less distracting to the eye

and you can see like the colors better

but just wanted to get that out of the

way okay

so couple things here what we just went

over about creating the shape cutting

out the sleeves cutting out the collar

it's all the same here the only

difference is that we're adding more

details to the design and in this case

those details would be the collar um and

I'm going to explain to you how I did

that for a second but let's disable the


right and if we disable the colar we can

see that this and that are basically

pretty much the same like if you know

how to make this you can probably know

how to make this right this is just a

different shaped

collar but it's like the same for this

little Salient logo here I applied the

same principles that I shot that I

taught you to apply here so you got that

out of the way it's the same thing see

there's like shap

right um the Salient logo you see it has

the color overlay in the drop shadow

just like we talked about and then this

is just a shape right matter of fact if

we disable the template we can see that

it's literally just a big rectangle with

a hole cut out and a Salient logo so

it's it's not you know it's it's it

might seem daunting to a beginner but

it's not as uh as hard as it

seems um what is a little tricky is the

details of the collar

and to do the collar first of all you

need to have a have an understanding of

how collars you know work so if you want

to grab a polo in real life and see what

it looks like or look up pictures online

do that

um but the way I did this is by using uh

the line tool or the pen tool to create

a line

so I know for a fact has this

um which is Free by the way I keep

plugging it but that's just because I

know most people aren't going to want to

pay for Photoshop uh just to make Roblox

clothing so I just want to get that out

of the way so you can use the the the

pen Tool uh to create curves and

stuff um on Photoshop they separate the

pen tool from the curve pen Tool uh it

might be the same way for paint on it

I'm not fully sure or whatever you're

using if you're using photopia for

example it's the exact same thing as

Photoshop so so okay I'm I'm fooling

around here um by the way name your

layers guys because um name your layers

and organize them into folders because

it will save you a lot of time in the

long run all right so what I did here is

I just created a line so I'm going to

set the stroke uh to Black and then I'm

not give to give it a fill just to make

a line and to create these details

here you're literally just making a line

a thin thin

line right and what you're doing with

that let's make it thinner than that

actually what you're doing with that

line is the same thing that we did with


logos we're adding a shadow or like we

said you can add a blur

right and we're reducing the

opacity see that is essentially the same

thing as

that it's what I did to make this design

um the only only difference obviously is

that you're creating a different shape

uh for this and that you're starting to

get more advanced into more advanced

territory there so I'm I'm not going to

for the sake of time I'm not going to

get into that but at least conceptually

you now know that that's how it works

and for the buttons it's the same thing

I'm going to make an elliptical shape

make a little I'm going to make it

bigger so you can see make a little

circle set the fill to White add a tiny

tiny black

border and then give it a

shadow and then if we resize

that that's how I made the


okay and then we can even make the

stroke uh

smaller oh I was on the wrong

layer all right so there you go and

that's how I made the button oops

okay so like I said I'm not going to get

into the details here we can do that in

another Workshop but um that's at least

how how you know you're supposed to

think about it going into making

something like this all right next up we

have a really Advanced design here

um this took a while you know this is

one of my more advanced uh designs but

it's cool because um once I had this

template done I could make a bunch of

Suits by just recoloring the jacket and

uh the shirt and things like that

um so

yeah once again we're thinking about

this the same way as we thought about

this um at the end of the day it's

literally just a big shape with details

on it and in this case since it's it's a


over a shirt

um it's it's two shapes on top of each

other right they're separate entities

and if you play close

attention this was is the reused collar

from this right why make it again I

already made a collar for this design so

I just copied it over to this file so

you know that's that's just a way once

you start building a portfolio of

designs you can start reusing them and

you're going to have to make do less

less work but um

yeah um the difference here is just

again just more details um let's have

the shading back on um the jacket is


another another shape on its own right

with holes cut into

it so the collar is

bigger you have the little end

here um and then this is is the same

thing about the lines that we talked

about where you just make a line reduce

its opacity and add a drop

shadow um and once again the only tricky

part there is um getting nailing the

shape it's going to take a few tries but

um you know that's just how it is um and

then you just you know you can make

little details again with the shape tool

and the the the pen tool you just make

little I made like a little triangle to

for the

handkerchief um and a little circle for

the butt in a little curved uh this is I

believe is just a rectangle with curved

edges on top of a black rectangle to

make the belt and um oh another thing

you should knowe is that to um like the

shape layer that I cut the hole out from

like the the golden one on the suit I

added a drop shadow and you can see

subtly that that adds depth to the the

design because it adds this little

Shadow here uh that makes it look like

it's sitting on top so seriously just

with reducing the opacity and adding a

drop shadow you can do so much and make

things look so realistic um yeah and

it's pretty easy to learn so um the ti

is the same thing it's just you know

shapes for the tie though I added an an

inner shadow um so instead of it being

the shadow being outside of the shape it

goes inside of the shape to give it kind

of like a a 3D uh shape and then if you

can see here uh like the like the

vertical and horizontal lines as the

texture that's just a specific texture

that I um downloaded for the suit this

is linen right um so I put that um put

that and the shading uh together to make

this look realistic and the linen I got

from a website called uh transparent there you go free game

right there um I get a lot of my

textures from there and and they're free

and uh you can they have a lot of

different options they have a search bar

you can get a lot of cool stuff from

there um same thing with these details

right here they only you know now it's

like a long sleeve so we we I created

the shape to go be a long sleeve and

then the last thing I want to talk about

here is you can see how the belt kind of

like extends into the bottom of the

Torso the reason I did that is because

when testing this in game or in Roblox


um without this little black rectangle

uh extending you could see where the

design folded onto the character there's

like a weird cut off and you can tell

that it it wasn't a real belt I guess um

and it didn't look good so my my

solution to that was literally



extending the uh the black belt so that

the design would reach read and it

continue when it folds and this you know

you're not going to notice this because

the player has legs that's just a

nitpicky thing and that just goes to

show why you should be testing your

designs before you you upload them um

all right the last design we're going to

go over is something that a lot of

people uh do wrong in my opinion


so uh and that is shoes

Okay shoes are

I think the most difficult clothing item

to make because it applies everything

that we talked about to an extreme but

it's still possible and I'm going to

show you


um so we're looking at the template

different now because we're going to

upload this as a pants not as a as a

shirt so now instead of these being the

arms these are the legs now this

continues to be the

Torso you don't have to put anything on

there you can some people do that but I

don't I just if it's pants I'm only

looking at this right

here um

okay so shoes are a lot more

intricate and

um it would take hours to show you how

to make

these but like I said um I'll show you

the basics so as you can see I have all

these layers here they're all open

they're in groups and they're named

so that's good

um the the main thing I want you to see


that I'm going to try to


okay I'm trying to disable the the lines

yeah so with all those little uh details

disabled you can see that once again

this is literally just a shape that I

cut out and

and um once again how do you cut it

out um you just have to understand how

shoes work right shoes typically have

this little thing on the back they dip

down and they have the tongue with the

laces um and this will fold in on itself

to to to create a uh like a rectangular

prism so I created a golden shape I cut

it out I added noise just like we did

here right I added

noise and I did another shape on top of

that that's gray to be the soul and I

added a drop shadow like we

said and I added the details and the

details um which I just disabled which

are right here it's the same thing as

before it's just the pen tool right it's

just a line it's just a very thin black

line with reduced opacity in a drop

shadow now with shoes you have stitching

right but you can use the same pen

tool to make that and instead of making

a straight line you can go to your

settings and make a dotted line

right and you're just going to make a

thin thin dotted

line with reduced



um I lost where that

went but uh it's the same thing that we

talked about you just make a a dotted

line reduce the opacity around 25 you

can start there and add a drop shadow

and it will look from a distance like

it's a part of the shoe and like it's a


item um and you can design it to how you

want it

um another difficult part here is the

laces laces it this probably what took

me the longest to to understand how they


um but

essentially it's just you start off with

this shape right here again you draw

this with the pen tool the pen tool is

your best friend when it comes to this

you draw like a zigzag with a pen tool

like that make it white add a drop

shadow like we talked about add a drop

shadow to

everything and duplicate you're going to

want to duplicate that and flip it

horizontally on top of itself and

another drop shadow to make it look like

3D and then you're going to want to

draw uh the loop right for the top of

the laces and I did this again with a

curvature pen tool I did like a little

shape like that and I adjusted it to my

liking so that's going to take you a bit

to get um the important other important

part is that you want to do it on top of

a tongue shoes have a tongue that look

like that um and this again is literally

just a shape that I created using the



right and I made the

middle dark and then the outside

lighter like that more or less

right and I added noise and an inner

Shadow to the inside to um make it

work um so yeah now these are just shoes

in Salient we treat shoes as their own

thing but you're going to want to upload

them with pants um I'm not going to show

the pants that we use just because

they're not mine um and I don't want

them to just be out there but you're

going to want to just add pants to this

uh very rudimentary right you just add

like a pants look like

that um and it's it's the same idea guys

it's just a shape with details on top

with shadows and lines and things like

that okay

all right that is uh a lot for for a

Basics 101 class um or Workshop um if

you guys are interested in in seeing a

more a more advanced one you can let us

know and we'll we'll configure that out

I guess but as as of right now I am

going to pass it off uh back off the

Cedar and we're going to probably jump

into the Q&A I

think yep we are in dat um so if anyone

has any questions feel free to share

them um I have a couple questions PS as

well um so while everyone can type

whatever answers they have I'll ask the


question um so one of the questions I

have for you is on all of the templates

there's that sort of white outline on

everything and I wanted to ask is there

a reason behind that or does it matter

or what's the reason for it being um

which you mean this white template here

like this yeah to sort of thck white

okay box I guess

so some PE that's a that's an

interesting point because some people

don't they would um upload it like that

and you don't need that I use it as a as


guideline um just to know kind of where

the design is going to to


um and when I'm applying my shading to

know where to kind of like line it up

because the shading will have those

lines in it as we can see I'll show you

right now if we disable this this

shading has those lines to it um so I

use it as kind of like a tool to measure

and visualize where the template is

going to fold on Roblox now it's

interesting that you mentioned that

because because the smart thing to do in

that case would be to okay you're

designing you visualize it and then you

export it like that um just to make sure

that like the white lines don't bleed

into the design which is something that

has happened to me before um I guess

it's just a matter of habit that I I

started out by uploading them like this

um also as a way of branding the

design but you can totally upload it

like that you don't have to do it I just

use it as a tool for measurement and um

yeah and if it's not exactly two pixels

it will show up in the design um it

needs to be two pixels this will you

know that will not be uh according to

Roblox they will fold here and here and

they won't show the two pixels um but

just to be certain yes you can disable

it but to answer your question it's it's

just a a guideline for me so I can

visualize where it's going to

fold fair enough okay awesome um one

with the questions I can see in the chat

is how did you become so awesome I'm

guessing that's how did you become

awesome in making clothing but how did I

become so awesome well first of all I'm


um if we're going to take this as how

did I become so awesome at making


um I I was always interested in graphic


um when the pandemic started

I uh wanted to get more into to it and

um I was playing a lot of Roblox during

the pandemic as I think all a lot of us

were um and you know I started playing

the game Universal Universal uh

Roblox and um I saw that they had a

bunch of clothes and I was like man I

want to learn how to make this I think I

even asked one day in the chat like as a

when I was like 15 like however many

years ago that was like oh how do I

become a uh a clothing designer here and

I was told like well you you need to be

really good and you need to learn and I

didn't know how to at the time

so I joined Salient which is the

clothing group that makes the clothing


Universal and I started experimenting

watching some tutorials online making my




and um I uploaded them to the sent like

off topic Channel um

for the uh owners to see which at the

time were Ryan and uh

uncommon um and they eventually offered

me a spot for at their designer and


program and um that is where essentially

I learned uh how to make clothes you

know and uh how to use Photoshop and

graphic design Ryan and uncommon taught

me um you know they provided a lot of

helpful feedback provided a lot of

assign kept me disciplined um so I would

say that you know I I joined Sal in the

designer and trading program which which

you can join you can apply to be so you

can get the same education that I was

given and aside from that guys it's just

people say this all the time but it's

just it's just hard work and and

dedication and Salient helped me

maintain like keep that discipline right

of practicing making designs uh like

three times a week at least so yeah

design every day design every day and

join alen that's how that's how it

became so awesome so thank you for that

fair enough yeah that's certainly a good

answer for

it okay so one of the other questions

was what inspires you to make a t-shirt

design so for example where did you get

your ideas from about what you're going

to make oh okay so um a lot of times for

the universal stuff if we're if if I'm

going to go I'm going to start with

saying Universal Universal is like if

we're making a new ride obviously or

something like that um in which case

that's like working with a with a client

quote unquote in which they give you spe

specific designs um that they provide to

you to work off of but I'm imagining

that's not the case for most people


um for Salient man I just you know

inspiration comes from everywhere I mean

it can be off something that someone's

wearing in a movie or a TV show or

something that you saw in a clothing

store in real life or some clothing

piece that you own or some design you

see on Pinterest right inspiration comes

from everywhere and you can't really

force it the only thing you can do

is consume more more media and go out

into the world and see see things see

more things and inspiration will come

from anywhere um I know

that my whole suit uh all the suits I

made uh they started from an idea uh off

a movie that I saw which was tenet

directed by Christopher Nolan uh the

main character there always wore suits

all the time and I was like damn those

are cool or dang



and and yeah that's where I started the

suits and then the hos came from there

as well so like I said clothing items in

real life other clothing on Roblox

movies TV shows album covers what

Pinterest Pinterest is a good tool to


inspiration uh yeah comes from

everywhere man it's it's hard to it's

hard to pinpoint exactly where I get my

things from but there you go very enough

okay I'm going to ask the Gult question

now oh brother okay um and the question

is what are your strengths and weak

in making clothing for

Roblox that's a great great question

um I'll start off with my weaknesses I

guess uh let me think


okay my one of my biggest weaknesses I

think is that once I started making a

lot of clothes I would just reuse a

bunch of old templates to to to redo

them so once I was like a year in to

making clothes I think I rarely made

anything new like I just reused

templates recolored them like you saw I

I I made I used the the collar from the

uh the polo on the suits and there's

nothing wrong with that inherently right

like don't don't double the work if you

don't have to but I didn't really

challenge myself sometimes you know i'

just be be lazy and not want to make

anything new because oh I already have

this where if I had made something new

specific to the item I was creating it

would have probably come out better so I

I would say that my biggest weakness is

sometimes being lazy and not challenging

myself uh enough and I think if you

challenge yourself you'll you'll you'll

truly um truly get better and as for my

my strengths I mean I think um number

one thing is experience you know uh the

more you do something the more you know

it obviously and the more you do

something the the higher your standards

are and it's easier for you to tell when

something could be improved upon like we

said a lot of people on this one had the

logo huge or just slapped it on there

and called it a day or forget to cut the

shading off right

so simply you know my experience with

all of this is my biggest strength


I know when something could look better

um and that kind of ties into my

weakness too because sometimes I know

something could look better but I still

don't do it cuz I don't challenge myself


yeah okay awesome um one more question

from a another person which you'll know

as the unon um his question is how has

graphic design helped influence you and

crossed into other

Artistry projects you make uh yeah I

mean I use graphic design literally all

the time literally all the time um I I'm

a film student I go to a film school

um and there I have opportunities all

the time to use the skills I learned uh

over the past few years making stuff for

Roblox to create film posters uh little


um uh social media posts things like

that graphic design is something that's

in really high demand right now a lot of

people want things to be made especially

in the era of social media marketing and

things like that people are always

looking for someone to design something

for you and having that skill has been

extremely helpful because whenever

someone says hey I need this done I need

this done I can step up and say I can do

that and I can do that

well and so far it's been great like I

said in film

school um creating my posters and things

like that and I'm looking into ways I

can create uh I can make that into a

profession uh to actually you know make

money off of it and that has been

extremely helpful and and and the other

thing is just it's not just graphic

design I mean it it teaches you about

art and having high standards and being

dis disciplined right and being

motivated like like I said I make films

primarily um even with like titles a lot

of films have titles like it say like oh

create like directed by ear in the

credits right you use the same like

um the same Theory uh to make that look

good so aside from from from being a

useful skill that a lot of people uh

need in that in in today's world it also

just helped me become a better artist

overall with higher standards and more

discipline and have you know a more a a

Keener creative

eye awesome yeah definitely and as you

mention making films and you've been

doing that for quite a while from what

I've seen they look really good oh thank

you okay so moving on to one of my

questions and the question I have for

you is sort of what was the first

graphic you remember making whether it

was on Roblox or just in general what

did you start

with o that's a good


so I started on canva and canva is a

great tool I'm sure I'm I I you might

know what it is a lot of people might

know what it is that are watching um

it's basically just a web designer it's

very basic a lot of the designs are like

pre-made templates but it taught me a

lot about like the the principles of

graphic design so a lot of people hate

on it but I think I think it's a good

way to get started out but I started on

canva and I think my first

Graphics that I made were were for my

films like promotional content or like

thumbnails or posters they were horrible


um but yeah I think I made the reason I

got into graphic design was for my my

film stuff um yeah yeah man I'm I'm

trying to I'm trying to remember it was

probably a movie poster or something

like that I don't remember for what

though and I don't even know if I have

it still but yeah dang good

questions well I think that's everything

I'm just double checking through

everything we

have okay it's the last question I have

and then if there's no other ones than

we can finish um have you ever had any

plans to make sort of real life clothing

using the graphics you've made because

you've done loads of logos and loads of

different shirt designs have you thought

about making it real yeah

um a few months ago I

actually started creating designs and

plans for um a real life clothing brand

and I actually even ordered a mockup I

have a few

shirts um that was put on pod because um

I got pretty busy over the summer and I

couldn't really continue doing that but

it's funny you mention that because over

the past few days now that I'm on winter

break I've been thinking of ways to get

that started up again so I will totally

um you know let you guys know if that

happens but yeah I have um I have had

plans and they're in the works currently

so good

question enough awesome okay I think

that's everything we have then all right

yeah okay so I want to give you a

massive well done for making the awesome

tutorial and I want to thank you for

joining me for this event today and if

anyone else wants to do another event

like this or have another clothing

Workshop then feel free to share any

ideas and we could do it again so do you

have anything else I just want to say

you know thank you for having me um I'm

always always glad uh to to you know to

do this to show people how to do things

and uh join

Salient ohol okay thanks for joining

everyone and yeah we'll see you all soon

cool bye

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