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Developer Diaries : Episode 1

Posted Jun 02, 2023 | Views 15.6K
# Community
# Development
# Game Design
# User Experience
Event Organizer @ Roblox

Hi! I am Ace :)

I have been a developer since 2021 and am the first Indian Event Organizer @Roblox

I have contributed to over 350M+ visits across all my games!

I am a part of numerous Roblox programs setup by DevRel and am here to host amazing events for the community!

I am ready! Are you? 🍪

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The Developer Diaries series would deal with some of the top identities who are working in different development fields. Each episode would bring in a new field where developers would be called upon to give their tips and tutorials!

We expect new developers to take the suggestions given by experienced developers here, and grow more from the resources provided.

Ace Events is proud to present this series and we hope to enlighten and bring in more amazing people to this family, powering imagination.

Episode 1 Art is an important factor in Roblox development and is backed by a large community of artists. Today we throw light over the topic and invite certain developers to talk about it and provide tips along with some tutorials to make it easier for the growing community to learn about this fun and interesting field over Roblox.

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