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GFX Showdown : Episode 1

Posted Jun 01, 2023 | Views 13.1K
# Art
# Community
# Graphic Design
Event Organizer @ Roblox

Hi! I am Ace :)

I have been a developer since 2021 and am the first Indian Event Organizer @Roblox

I have contributed to over 350M+ visits across all my games!

I am a part of numerous Roblox programs setup by DevRel and am here to host amazing events for the community!

I am ready! Are you? 🍪

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Workshop We are heading into the chilly time of the year! This brings numerous updates to a wide range of games on the platform. With this thought, we bring to you a GFX workshop where anyone can learn how to create amazing icons, thumbnails, renders and much more! Covering the most basic parts of it, we would be showing you all how easy it can be to learn designing.

Showdown Along with this, we would be showcasing YOUR art works in the event!

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GFX Showdown : Episode 2
Posted Jun 02, 2023 | Views 13.3K
# Graphic Design
# Community
# Art
Developer Diaries : Episode 1
Posted Jun 02, 2023 | Views 15.6K
# Community
# Development
# Game Design
# User Experience